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    hi to all here. I would really like to get some answers in regards of peptides, the reason is that for the last couple of weeks now I have been researching for as much as I could about peptides (of course, I didn’t just came here asking for help without doing research first) and I have also been researching about naturally raising my HGH/ igf 1 levels somehow, if that’s possible. now, I still ended up here but I really need some of your help, please, if that’s possible. the problem is that there is just SO much and SO many of them all that for a newbie like me I have got completely confused so I would really appreciate lots of help in regards to what I should use and which ones might be better for me and my cindition that I am searching for. as I have said it earlier, I want something natural… basically I want something natural that it is going to raise up my hgh/ igf 1 levels in a natural (chemical free) way due to the fact, obviously, I want it to help me while not harming my pituitary gland and generally not to harm me in anyway. besides the fact that I am searching for something which would help in raising up my hgh/ igf 1 levels in a natural way, I’m also searching for the build in lean muscle, for also helping me in sleeping better and obviously for all of the anti aging benefits that it has, plus I would appreciate avoiding a gh bleed either. besides, I want to ask you something that’s really important for me… is there a period to use it then to switch over to maintenance in order to simply keep the effects working like that continously or is it an everyday rest of your life thing that you must do continuously for achieve such effects? I will continue doing my research and homework, but I still hope that you would help me a bit guys. thank you for everything and I’m hoping you’re gonna help.


    look, I am not an doctor but I hope what I will tell you is going to help. you can run a ghrp as well as ghrh for as much as you want, indefinitely. since you are a newbie and you haven’t started yet I do think that a great way to start (to be honest, I am not even able to think of anything that would be better than this) it is to start with cjc 1293 (mod29) as well as a ghrp of your own choice, which you think is gonna suit you up better. like for example, the GHRP 6 it is a really really good one in regards of helping you to increase your appetite. if you’re interested search for GHRP 6 and you’re gonna learn more about it. but there is also Ipamorelin which is being supposed to be one of the most (or maybe even the absolute most) selective GHRP out there. again, search online and you’re going to be given information about them. but there is also GHRP 2 which is also a really good one but then again, search for yourself, for what suits you, it is in fact whatever suits you best. you might also want to talk to a doctor about this. all the best to ya.

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