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    Hello there everyone, please help with whatever you can, I am going to be really really thankful to any information that I might get. So well, I am a 72 years old man, I am 6’6 tall and my weigh is 225 lbs. so well, since I have retired at 70, I have taken up that thing that I have been used to practice when I have been younger along with my wife too which is weight training. I have been going to the gym 4 times a week and I have been pushing heavy weight (such things as free weights, barbells and dumbbells most of the time). since about the age of 66 or so from as much as I can remember, my libido has started to go away and I have got ED, however it is obvious that I am putting it all down to my age and not something else.
    So well… over the first year, my strength and weights that I could push have increased. But then later it has stopped. I did have noticed that I have started to gain some weight, but it has been fat. I have always been tired, I have been getting weaker, I was not sleeping well and a few other things similar to these. So well these are signs of low testosterone and that’s why I have been suspecting that this is what I have. I have went to my doctor with this claim and with my suspicion of low testosterone and so he has sent my blood off for analysis. So, when it came back he has told me that my total testosterone has been 484 and it was extremely good for a man of my age telling me that low testosterone should be excluded as it definitely is not. I just didn’t wanted to give up as easily and so I have asked him what has been my FREE testosterone number, however he replied that they have not tested for that and before I could say a word he immediately said that they are not going to do another one (as if they didn’t know that they should have tested the free testosterone as well on the first time, especially for a man my age who has some symptoms like that). Needless to say that I got angry with the way they are treating their patients and I refused from that doctor the same day and I went searching for another one.
    Soon later I did found a new doctor which seemed to be… more professional, and I flat out demanded a FULL blood analysis! I guess there’s no need to mention that my free testosterone has been nearly nil, my estradiol has been nearly nil and my SHBG has been high and plus to that, my cholesterol has been a little bit high as well. That is why, after this, I have been sent to an endocrinologist. He has confirmed the results I got and has told me that I really needed the testosterone injections (as I was thinking and the reason why I dropped the first doctor), however he has told me that he is not allowed to prescribe them to me due to the thing that I ‘fell into a grey area’ whatever this means as I have no idea. In addition to that, he has also told me that my IGF 1 has been a little bit low too…
    Since he told me that I need the testosterone but he is not ALLOWED to prescribe them to me, to my understanding, he would, that is why I have taken the situation in my hands and obviously I started to search for ways of getting it without a script. I have started to ask around and I have found a reliable source and I have also done some research more and so I ended up purchasing testosterone Cypionate and I have been injecting 50 mg of it 2 times per week (which means that in total I was injecting 100 mg a week). I can gladly say that my intuition of what I have to do wasn’t wrong and since I have started to do this 6 weeks ago (a bit more than a month now) I do feel a lot much more better and that’s why I think that I’ve made the right decision. Through my research I found out that I would also need the HGH and I am just about to start using HGH as well so I’ve done more research and I did have finally found a seemingly reliable source of HGH and I am going to start using it soon, planning to inject 1 iu a day every day. And so, now, based on everything that I have said earlier I am having a question which I really hope I am going to get some answers to it:
    I have read in a lot of places such thing as: you should not inject HGH in the exact same place twice running. That is why I am now here as I tried to search further but it seems that I got into nowhere. It is just the fact that I am not all sure of what this means, a bit of explanation would be deeply appreciated. I have to say that I prefer to stick it in my quadriceps, if that says anything to you. To your opinion, am I able to alternate left and right and move the site up and down or something in that matter? please, give an explanation to the old fart 😀
    Thank you a lot in advance.


    Hello there, I think that you definitely should rotate (switch) the injection sites in order to prevent tissue atrophy. In case you would inject on the same site over and over again then you are at a very high risk to have tissue atrophy. Nothing to scare you but there are situations in which a one time injection site is already provoking tissue atrophy, not talking about multiple times. Important thing to know is that I know that usually, the HGH injections are being given subcutaneous and not intramuscular, and that’s especially for the long term use (there’s a difference between the 2).
    Since I am working as a registered nurse, I am sometimes working with a top name brand somatropin manufacturer where I am teaching the patients of how to use their HGH injection pens and what you have asked and what I have replied it is exactly what I am teaching those people. This is what that means and I hope that this is the response that you were hoping for. I wish you best of luck and hope you’re going to be alright 😉


    Hello there and big thanks for your answer, as said, I appreciate it. but I wanted to say… based on what you said it means that in the sub Q fat around the stomach, is the message that I am getting, it is just important not to stick it in the exact same place every time again. Is that right? Also I thought that since I am already here and I am having some more questions, and since I got lucky enough to find a registered nurse who does knows so much info about HGH in general and even teaches other people, I thought about asking them… if you don’t mind.
    So look, my total testosterone has been 484 as I said in my original post, however from as much as I can understand (that’s what I learned through the research I have done) due to my high SHBG, my free testosterone it is extremely low. Since I have started with the somatropin, do you think that I should continue on using with the testosterone injections further? If no then why? But if yes, should I continue at 100 mg per week that I have been doing it before somatropin? Or you think that I need to reduce this dose of testosterone a week and hope that the HGH is going to sort out my hormones in the end which would both bring the numbers within acceptable levels and would make me feel fine again, of course?
    One last question here that came into my mind is… could you, please, tell me… what it is the best time of the day to inject it? again, I did a vast research on this but I am just intrigued in finding out your opinion as a registered nurse. From the research that I have done etc. I can guess that it is in the morning due to the fact that if I am injecting it before I am going to bed as some people does, then it is going to start interfering with my natural production of HGH, which I gather happens during sleep, which therefore is going to make my pituitary gland completely stop producing HGH on its own over a while. Again, is this correct?


    For answering your main question (or I at least understood that this is your main question): any place that you have SQ tissue it is going to be OK. The back of the arms as well as side of the upper legs it is also good, as well as any place that you can pinch the SQ tissue.
    In regards to your other questions that you had… have you ever checked your estrogen and progesterone levels? In my opinion, you really need to find this out in case you don’t because this is the information that absolutely any man that is planning to use HRT should find it out.
    Next… again, in my opinion, one issue with using hormone replacement therapies (like for example the HGH and testosterone injections) it is that taking an entire day’s dose of a hormone in either one or maybe 2 daily injections it is simply just too much to use at one time, and that is why the body is trying to get used to it. in the normal way, the body is only releasing a pretty small amount of those hormones as it is needing them. It is obvious that when is too low then that’s a problem, however when it is too much that’s a problem too because it does seems like the human body does not like when so much of a hormone is introduced at one time. in fact, to my understand, the human body doesn’t like absolutely anything that’s in excess. I am thinking that this is one of the reason why those men who are taking testosterone HRT tend to see too much hormone binding globulins and in addition to that they are also noticing their testosterone often being converted into estrogen… of course, nowadays there are other things which are preventing the testosterone from covering into estrogen, but those things have their own profile of side effects or unwanted effects etc. with this kept in mind, if you want to be healthy then you want to keep everything in balance because if there’s something that lacks in your body you feel bad, and if there’s something that’s too much in your body then again, you feel bad.
    In the end of it, it is obvious that I am not your doctor and that is why I doubt that I can give you anything more than just my opinion and that’s only based on what you wrote up there. so if you want my honest opinion on this then I will tell you that if it were me and I had decided that being on a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) of those 2 hormones was my best option then I would definitely talk with my doctor first and I would talk about dividing my doses into smaller and more frequent dose times.
    And now lately, in regards to your question about whether should you be using the HGH in the morning or somewhere other time of the day… well, again, if I would be you and I would need to use a full day’s dose of HGH injection all at once then yeah, I would use it in the morning, however I should warn you that, at least in my opinion, this is not going to be very helpful in preventing my own body from decreasing or from slowly stopping its own production of the human growth hormone. Either you take it in the morning or you take it before going to bed, after a while of taking HGH it will still interfere with your natural production of HGH. you need to remember that the hormone replacement therapies are typically meant to be given to those patients that are no longer able to make not even the near of being enough of their own hormones and that is why, most of these patients who are put on such things, are designed to take them for their entire life, or at least they do need to use them for the rest of their lives… that’s not any kind of a rule or anything, but that’s what is usually happening. Anyhow, from as much as I know, a lot of those doctors who are prescribing those HGH injections are usually prescribing them in 2 separate doses, one of the dose is said to be taken in the morning and the other one is scripted to be taken in PM, therefore, again, if I were you then I would divide my daily doses into at least 2 dose times. Just in case your doctor does not tell you to do the same then suggest him/ her this and ask if this might be a good idea. If he/ she agrees then that’s fine, if does not then ask why and see. Ultimately, I would still, I guess, follow my doctor’s prescription. Again, I am not your doctor but your doctor knows best what to do, especially for you personally since they know your situation etc. I wish you all the best and I have big hopes that you are going to have it sorted all out as soon as possible 😉

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