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    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to say that this diet is really working well and I have decided to write this post for those wondering if they would achieve success with the diet or not. I am telling you that you will, you just need to do it all the way it should be done. I will now write my story in this post as a proof that it does works well. In the beginning I can say here that I am able to give you an extremely long story about how hard it is to lose the extra/ unwanted weight, however I am quite sure that all of you do know this long story otherwise, I have big doubts you would have been here. To be honest, I have to confess on the fact that a while ago, I have accepted the fact that I am simply going to be an old fat man pretty much as nearly everyone I know (most of my friends) but that’s all until I have seen the fact that people are really changing their bodies with the help of HCG by losing lots of weight. My hope was lost until I saw this HCG method. In fact, I had to read more until I changed my mind and that’s because as soon as I have heard about it, I have immediately put it into the category of a *fad diet* and a *this is not a healthy diet for sure*but what have got me is they kept it off. Luckily I have around me people who are more *open minded* than me and those people (at work) started it and it have been a huge shock for me to see how much of weight they have lost by doing this method/ diet. But what has shocked me even more was the fact of how quickly they have lost that weight. It is obvious that after seeing how much and how fast they are losing weight, I decided to give it a try myself as well. So now, I am going to post below the results that I have got and when I have started my third round I have started to even graph it more seriously.
    Round one – 227 to 196 I have reached in 40 days and that’s nearly one pound per day (36 pounds in 40 days)… these are the numbers that you simply cannot argue with… it is obvious that after I have got these successful numbers that I have been waiting for so long I have thought for the first time in a long time that I stand a chance to actually get to my ideal weight and so, it is obvious that I have chosen to go for another round.
    Second round – with loading 204 – 184 in 27 days I have figured I would loose a few more pounds on the third phase and I am going to quit early, however I have pretty quickly let my guard down and after approximately half a year or so, I have been back to the 194 pounds mark.
    Third round – 202 to 179 in 34 days and with this my goal has already been attained and in addition to that, I have been able to keep this off for approximately 2 and a half years but after all this time, I slowly slowly lost my disciple once again and it has crept back to 196 and because of this I have decided to do one more round in order to learn once again how to keep it off and to build up my discipline again.
    The fourth and last round – 207 lbs with loading ( I know it is quite hard to believe this but I have gained 5 lbs in just one single day – I got super shocked!) and by the end of the last day which was the 25th day – I have been 181 which means that I have, again, been losing nearly one lbs per day and then I have stabilized myself at 176 lbs and simply keeping it that way. I am super happy with such results to be honest!
    In the end of all of this I am having a few tips for everyone who is interested in trying this out:
    The first thing and I guess the most important thing is to get good reputable products. Do not try to save money and get who knows what. The diet is definitely not going to work if you are not going to get good quality product. The second tip / recommendation I can give you is the fact that you MUST follow the instructions exactly… and I repeat EXACTLY as they should be done. If you’re going to at least a bit of *cheating* then you shouldn’t be wondering why it is not working *a bit*. I can assure you that there’s not a such thing as cheating so you should try to keep it forward without cheating or anything. In fact, you know… one single gummy bear WILL (be sure that it WILL) ruin one whole day, and maybe even two (yes, a small cheat is going to do a big ruin!) and one last tip I have for you is… after you have religiously followed the first 2 steps and you have achieved your weight then it is important to weigh every single day and check not to gain absolutely anything! You should not accept any gains at all! I mean, none, zero, nada!
    In case there is someone who might have questions and want to ask them feel free to do so. You might ask them here or ask me privately and I will try my best to respond them the best way as soon as possible.
    I wish you all good luck and I hope you’re all going to be having great success.


    Indeed good results and I hope that this time you won’t be gaining anymore and keep it that way! Congrats and I hope you’re going to be fine, thanks for sharing this amazing story!


    That’s one amazing job indeed! Congratulations and thanks for sharing those tips, I really love them and I appreciate them a lot. Definitely will keep track of them, I especially loved the third tip – will weigh every day and I won’t accept a single extra lbs!


    Hey there OP, you have said that we should not accept absolutely any gains at all, none, here:

    and one last tip I have for you is… after you have religiously followed the first 2 steps and you have achieved your weight then it is important to weigh every single day and check not to gain absolutely anything! You should not accept any gains at all! I mean, none, zero, nada!

    And so… I wanted to ask… I think this gain might be the constipation… it has been 3 days now… would like to find out… are most of the people gaining a little bit of a weight until their next BM?? Reason I ask is because this is the very first day that I have had a gain so I am trying to keep track of your advice of not accepting any gains at all. Need to mention here that I have been all absolutely 100% perfect on the protocol without any problems as I am using injection from a doctor! I am also using this forum, as you can see, for getting more advices, more help and obviously more support (as well as some good information overall) so it does seems that I managed to find some of it. In the end, thanks a lot for your story and advices and I would also appreciate if you could help me with these questions I have here. Thanks!


    Oh well… maybe I was a little bit too dramatic as it is obvious that you are going to fluctuate a little bit, but was I meant is not to accept when you are going higher and higher or when you have added a few more and keeping it that way as it is most likely that you will add more. In the end, what I was really trying to say is that it is nearly inevitable that the weight is going come back and that’s unless you are going to be just EXTREMELY careful day by day, every day, on what you are eating and be super diligent about monitoring your weight.
    My personal problem has been that after about half a year (as I previously mentioned) I have let my guard down a little bit more and it seems that I kept it going down more and more and as a result of that I have gained a few pounds and so I was used to think… well, a little bit it is not as bad. After that 6 more months have passed and I gained even more so I continued to think that *well, fine, a bit more, but that’s still not as bad* and continued like that. After 2 and half years later in total I have already been up to 15 pounds which was already a problem, as much as you can think. I had to start all over again and therefore the tip about not to accept any gains, otherwise you would need to start over again as well.

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