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    Hey there everyone, as the title says, there’s something that I wanted to talk about ibuprofen and I guess this might be a very useful information to know to everyone.
    [OA] Kristensen DM, Desdoits-Lethimonier C, Mackey AL, et al. Ibuprofen alters human testicular physiology to produce a state of compensated hypogonadism. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018. Ibuprofen alters human testicular physiology to produce a state of compensated hypogonadism.

    You can check the link and the article at the, something stating what is said above – ibuprofen is altering human testicular physiology to produce a state of compensate hypogonadism.

    There are some concerns that have been raised over the increased male reproductive disorders in the Western world and as it has been suggested, the disruption of male endocrinology is playing an very important role here. There are multiple studies which have shown the fact that some mild analgesics which are being exposed during the fetal life is being associated with the antiandrogenic effects and congenital malformations which leads to big problems as much as we understand. Nevertheless, the effects on the adult man is still remaining largely unknown.

    By doing a clinical trial with some young men that have been exposed to the effects of ibuprofen (by regularly using them), they have shown that the analgesic resulted in the clinical condition which has been named (compensated hypogonadism). For those who don’t know, that’s a condition which has been largely known for elderly men and that’s being associated with reproductive and physical disorders. In the men, the luteinizing hormone (LH) and the ibuprofen plasma levels have been positively correlated with each other and the testosterone/ LH ratio has greatly decreased.

    Using the adult testis explants exposed or maybe not exposed to ibuprofen, they have demonstrated that the endocrine capabilities from testicular Leydig and Sertoli cells, also including the production of the testosterone, have been suppressed through the transcriptional repression. This exact same type of effect has been noticed in a human steroidogenic cell line. There is our data which is demonstrating that the ibuprofen is altering the endocrine system via a selective transcriptional repression in the human testes, and by all of this, it is inducing the compensated hypogonadism.
    With all of this being said, make your own conclusion.


    Umm… I definitely appreciate that you have shared this with us, this might indeed be very helpful for me, however, could you, please, explain what this means for somebody like me who is suffering from an inflammatory disease and I can’t cope with it in any other methods than to use anti inflammatories on a daily basis? Obviously, I was not expecting too much in the good side, however that seems to be too much in the bad side… and yes, by the way, I am already on trt.


    And besides this, what about those of us who are on a low dose (81 mg) of aspirin? Do we get the exact same effect as well? thanks…


    To be honest this simply shocks me.. I mean, I am wondering how much of this ibuprofen is required to be taken in order to lower your testosterone levels so much that it would be considered enough to be qualified for the TRT?! I’m not very sure how do you guys feel about this, but that’s all too strange to my opinion.


    There’s another study on by Nangia AK, Jsensen D . Ibuprofen and hypogonadism.

    This recent study that I’m talking about posted on that site, is suggesting modulation of luteinizing hormone signaling within the hypothalamic – pituitary – gonadal axis and downstream transcriptional effects that has been caused by the continuous ibuprofen use. However, still, this study cannot be used to draw absolutely any clinical conclusions in the regards of the effects of using the ibuprofen on the male’s androgenic or reproductive health. Therefore, the andrological effects of its use are still remaining, unfortunately, unclear and would really benefit from some further investigation.

    I’ve got to mention that even though the merit of all of this and any work needs to be judged absolutely only on the scientific evidence that is being presented with the critical peer review, there’s the consequence of the media coverage of this study and it is claiming about the potential long term significance of the findings to the nonmedical and even medical community at very large levels which are extremely hard to be ignored.

    People need to be more careful because the effect which has created from the self perpetuating and the sensational social and mainstream media coverage and fervour over this study, without a careful review of the evidence that it has contained, it has most likely led to the misrepresentation, as much as we can see, of the findings and the absolute incorrect suggestion which people discussed about that the ibuprofen is affecting male reproductive health and lowers testosterone levels which is absolutely nothing more than just people’s assumptions with high chances of being wrong.

    With this being said, the authors of that post did have provided some evidence to this effect and they have highlighted the problem, nevertheless, they might have inadvertently provided some *fuel* to the entire media fire by making such a statement. As for now, talking about the continuous use of the ibuprofen, regardless if about a short term of a chronic use, we still don’t know and it remains unclear if the reproductive health is damaged anyhow.

    The determination of the male androgenic and the reproductive health effects of this it is being very commonly used class of medication is still requiring some further close clinical examination and investigation before anyone might clearly answer the question and generally making such an bold statement which can be generalized and quoted out of context form the evidence.

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