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    Hello there everyone, I would really appreciate if you could help me with my situation as there’s something wrong and I can’t understand what’s the reason for that. So well, I have got a blood test results as of recent and those results weren’t good as I am having a too high level of prolactin and although within range, still not good numbers of testosterone and Growth Hormone levels. So, getting to numbers I should say that the level of prolactin has been 482 mIU/L while the good range is anywhere between 45 to 375, then the total number of testosterone has been 9.5 nmol/L (and that’s while the range is anywhere between 8.4 to 28.8) and lastly, the Growth Hormone level has been 0.064 mcg/L (while the good range is anywhere between 0.060 and 0.8000). as much as you can see, the prolactin level is too high and as I said, while the GH and test levels are within the range, they are basically at the lowest end and this is really worrying me due to the fact that I’m an active 21 years old and these, obviously, aren’t good numbers for my age and lifestyle.
    With such numbers it is obvious that I have been having some symptoms and among them I can mention here that I have been suffering from a low level of libido and decreased sex drive (obviously not good for 21 yo), I’ve also been having headaches (which is understandable I guess), dizziness and also not an indeed manly chest either. At the top to all of this, with such levels, it has been a very and very hard task for me to put on some strength level gains in the last year or so. Been lifting for quite a while now and currently I am 21 years old and I’m a powerlifter, i am 210 lbs and I’m 5’7 with an approximate of 20 % of body fat (never actually measured it).
    Whatever the case, one sure thing is that with the entire amount of weekly heavy lifting that I am having, I think that the level of hormones need be extremely high, or at least at the highest end of the range. But it is on the other end and that’s alarming me and, obviously, I do need advice on what it is wrong with me and what I need to do in order to make it go to *normal*.
    And by the way, I do know what you might be thinking now… 21 years old powerlifter who doesn’t know anything about steroids so most likely tried to gain more strength by using some and fu**ed up his hormones by using them. That’s why I understand that it is important to mention here the fact that I have never been on any types of hormonal steroids. Or something that might be playing with my hormones. I want to be honest here so I need to say that I did have been on 2 illegal things – I have been using clenbuterol and ephedrine but as much as I have read and heard about these – none of them are hormonal related so they, most likely, can’t do such things.
    With all of this being mentioned here, I would really like to talk with someone who can really help me, with some professionals would be the best… but generally with some people who are having experiences with all of these things and can help me. I am going to appreciate very much any help! Thanks in advance for everything!


    Well, you should know that both anxiety and insomnia (not getting enough sleep) are going to get your prolactin level up and this, therefore, is going to reduce the T level, so when you said that your prolactin level is too high it was no wonder that your T level is low. Anyway, by saying this – how are you doing in these areas ? I mean of anxiety and sleeping!
    And by the way, those test results you’ve got are of course very good, however I think that you will most likely want to see the free Testosterone level as well (direct) and also the estradiol levels too.


    No offence but I do think that you are lying to us and I see no point in asking a question when you’re not being fully honest (and I definitely do not see any point in trying to answer your questions and help you when you’re not honest here). The reason I think is that you said:

    i am 210 lbs and I’m 5’7 with an approximate of 20 % of body fat (never actually measured it).

    With such stats you are on steroids for sure. I mean, there is simply no way that you could have all of this mass (I mean 210 lbs when you are 5’7) when you are living in an environment with a low testosterone.
    If you really want us to be helpful and answer your questions then you need to stop lying and to start being honest about everything… about what you take, what you do and etc. in fact, I can’t understand what’s the reason of lying? I mean, we are not your doctor and we definitely are not going to tell to your mommy.
    In fact, I think that you do know how you have fu**ed yourself up but you simply want to hear us saying something different. I am quite sure that you are hiding an extremely big amount of facts! Where are your lh and fsh numbers from the hormonal test? Why you have not shared those either? And then again, what’s the point of asking for help when you are hiding information? In the end, most likely, you only want us to tell you that you should go on trt.


    Exactly as you have mentioned: what’s the reason asking for help if I am not being honest? I am literally having no reason to lie here because, even if I would say that I use, say heroin or whatever else? What then? Nobody’s still going to be able to do sh*t so then again, what’s the reason for me to lie? I just want to get some help and I was being honest about my situation. I have been working out for the last 5 years now and I am currently facing such kind of problems for the last 6 months now.
    And something to add here is that I am a powerlifter and I compete in Germany and while I am not sure about laws in other countries, but here it would be extremely dangerous to use the steroids because in this country you might get in jail for competing in sports in the time that you are being on steroids! In addition to all of this, I am only 21 and I am smart enough to realize that this is a way too young age in order to use the steroids, in case I would ever use them at all. I think that I will never use them but even if I would, I am sure that I won’t be doing it until I am going to be older than 27 years old. So there are 6 more years to go until I won’t even talk about them. And the reason why I have not shared the *LH and FSH* isn’t because I was hiding information but because I had no idea that I should.


    and by the way, in response to the post about the anxiety and insomnia where I am not getting enough sleep… well, I have to admit that there might be something related here… I am not very sure about the anxiety, however I do have some slight issues with the insomnia. That’s the fact that I am sleeping approximately 6 to 8 hours per day but I am mostly sleeping 6 hours and rarely 8 a day. That’s because I am simply not able to sleep more than that, I sleep 6 and I am already up without being able to go back to sleep. And yeah, have to admit that my sleeping quality it is pretty bad, to be honest here. Sadly but I definitely can’t say that I have a really good quality of sleep. By the way, I would like to upload the photo with my full test results, but I am just not sure how I can do it so you won’t think that I am hiding here. I might give the numbers manually if there’s no way to upload here.

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