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    Hello there everyone, I would really appreciate if you could guide me a little bit on the price for pharma grade. I’m interested, of course, in pharma grade HGH and so I would really like to find out what it is a fair price for real pharma grade in your personal experience? I have seen people saying that if it’s too low then there’s no chance that it is real pharma grade HGH due to the fact that HGH itself is expensive. But I also saw that there are people saying some companies charge way too much for HGH although, as I said, it is expensive itself. So what would constitute a fair price in your opinion? Or at least what’s a fair price for it? do you think that $ 850 for a kit would be a reasonable price? Or it is too much? Do you think I need to try to negotiate or search for something else less expensive? Thank you very much for any of your recommendation in advance.


    Well, first of all you need to be more specific here. You said $ 850 for a ‘kit’ and based only on this then the answer could be both yes, it is reasonable, or no it is too expensive that’s because it depends on what exactly is a ‘kit’? I ask this because they are all coming in different forms and shapes and containing different IUs, as low as 20 IU per kit (not sure if there are less than that) and as much as 200-300 IU per kit (again, not sure if there are more than that), whichever the case, as you can see, the dosages (IUs per kit) can vary a lot, obviously, the prices vary a lot depending on it as well.
    That’s why, please consider mentioning what’s containing a ‘kit’ and also what’s the brand of the HGH you’re looking into… like for example, I am getting mine 36 IU Genotropin for $ 250. But on the other hand there is Official Hygetropin (I am not very sure if it’s considered pharm but I personally trust only the US pharma grade) reseller is having them for $ 280 for 100 IU. And so, then again, it very much depends on the brand and on the IU quantity per kit. Hopefully this will be of some help for you.


    yeah, I totally agree with what has been said up there by previous commenter. so if you want more help please say what brand are you talking/ asking about? like for example, serostim should be approximately (around) $ 700 per kit, as much as I know. good luck to ya


    Guys thank you very much for your responses, I really appreciate. The problem is that I can’t really say very much as I have not gotten it so far and that’s why I am not very sure what the brand is so, obviously, can’t say. It is coming the most common way. as much I think I am going to receive it in next week and as soon as it comes I am going to share the name brand then. Supposedly it is coming in a kit which contains 10 bottles and supposedly each bottle contains like 10 iu and that’s why it means that for $ 850 that I paid I get 100 IU of HGH, therefore that’s $ 8.50 per each IU. I know that it does seems to be quite a high price for it, however, at least I definitely know that I am going to get a legit stuff and that’s the most important for me as I have heard of people paying less (like $ 200 – $ 400) but in the end their stuff was not real/ not working. And so… I was just wondering whether is this price ($ 8.50 per IU) in the range of what people are paying? Thank you in advance.
    And BTW, calculating that you are paying $ 250 for 36 IU then you pay $6.94 per IU which means that I still paid a little bit more…


    Well, as much as I saw myself, the Omnitrope which comes in 30 Iu made by Sandoz from Pharmacy $ 260 Canadian Dollars. I have also seen the 126 IU of Serostim kit around there for anywhere in the price range of $1350 to 1450 or so and before the Omnitrope that I am currently using I have been using the 5 mg of Saizen and for that one I have been paying a price of around $ 240 per 5 mg (which is 15 iu) per box. Make your calculations yourself.


    Oh my god, that is extremely, an EXTREMLY high price! I am talking about this: * I have also seen the 126 IU of Serostim kit around there for anywhere in the price range of $1350 to 1450 or so*. That’s unbelievable how much money they are making on people purchasing their Serostim. The average price that I see for it is in the price range of $ 600 to $ 700 per 126 iu kit of the Serostim. Considering that people who sell Serostim 126 iu kit for $ 600 are also making money, now think how much money that pharmacy makes when they sell the same kit for $ 1450! That insane!


    Well, in regards to that part where you said that average you see is about $ 600 to 700 for a 126 iu kit of sero I should say that from my personal experience this has been the sero pricing on the average for those people that are not having a special friend with HIV or some guy that happens to find them when they are accidentally falling off a truck for the last 18 or so years.


    Well, I really hope that there is going to come that one day when I am going to run into that guy, LOL that would be amazing for me.

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