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    Hi all,

    I have noticed that my trainer (gym trainer) is regularly taking some HGH shots, those ones that are looking pretty similar like the insulin pens. from as much as I have found out about it in regards of the price, I can say that it is pretty affordable for me, I mean, it is not like I’m giving out last money for it. I have found out that it is approximately 1000 bucks for a 2 months’ supply which means around $500 per month which is fine. So far I haven’t been able to find out which exactly brand is he using, however he has told me that it is a really good brand (he told me it is a tested brand) and it is coming from Canada. the reason why I am so interested is that I can see the results that he is getting from using those HGH shots and besides my coach, there are also some other of my gym friends who are using them and all of them are getting some really amazing results. so I would also like to get such kind of results for $500 per month.

    so well, while I was searching information about this and while I have been thinking about all of this, there were a few questions that popped into my mind so I would really appreciate if someone here who is more experienced than me can help me a bit by answering those questions. so here we go:
    1) taking in consideration my needs – what brands are the best ones? what I should be searching for? or vice versa, which ones do you think that I should avoid using? and if possible to explain both why you think it’s the best and why you think I should avoid *this* and *that* brand.
    2) what are the dosages for me? from what I have learned I am planning to use around 4 IU for like 2 or 3 months on a 4 days a week schedule, day on and day off. from as much as I can guess, the pen like product is able to make my life easier as well as safer, from as much as I can guess.
    3) please, can you tell me what are the possible side effects from using it? I mean, I do know that there are side effects so I need to know what to expect. as for example, I have both read online and heard from someone else that just in case you are having cancer that you don’t know you have it (or you know but you still ignore it and want to use HGH), then the HGH is going to act as a surprise ally for the cancer and so it is going to help to kill you sooner. can you tell me whether is this true or not? anyway, I’m interested in side effects I should expect from using it.
    4) also, can you please, tell me whether are there any medical tests that I need to go through in order to make sure that I avoid any kind of side effects? or such tests that can tell me stuff on how to avoid/ lower threshold of side effects? or maybe, I don’t exclude it, that there test which can tell me that I am not able to use HGH at all? please help me, I really need to know what kind of doctor I need to consult in such situations. I am quite sure that if I am going to talk with a proper doctor in regards of this he/ she is going to be able to tell me more in regards of side effects and tests I should go through.
    5) Another thing what I have heard of is that using HGH with no exercise then it is only a waste of money as it is not going to work or do anything at all… can you people tell me whether is this true or not? please. or you think that HGH is making your life easier with the results and with little efforts? I do know that there are prices to pay for this, that’s why I asked for side effects earlier.
    6) now, in the end of this all I have forgotten to say one of the most important thing: why I decided to use HGH at all? my aim and the reason why I use HGH is that I want to be fit, I want to be and look healthy, I want to lose fat and to have a good body shape as well as I want to look and feel younger. From as much as I have read/ heard, HGH can help you doing that, but it depends on how you use it, isn’t it true?
    7 and the last point/ question here is… I have heard the following: the HGH is gonna give you stronger bones, muscles and hair, it is going to better your skin and would aid you in burning fat, overall it is going to make you look younger and better… please, tell me, is all of this true or not? I would like to get as much explanation as it is possible.

    please, share with my any experience that you may have with them. maybe you have heard of someone using them so you can tell me what are their experiences? what other comments/ opinions/ recommendations/ suggestions etc. etc. you may have for me? share them all, I would gladly read. as I said, I want to know as much as it is possible about it. I want to learn and know more before I am going to do any order of any product. then I might need your help in ordering decision, but we would see then. now, please, help me with this. thank you in advance for everything, I would appreciate any of your help!


    hey there Therage. I should start off by saying that I’m also new to the HGH so you must pay attention to this and take all of the following information I am going to share with you with a grain of salt. now, yes indeed, there is a doctor who can help you with all of this and it is called an endocrinologist that is why, please, first and foremost you must go and visit an endocrinologist before you even think about doing anything at all… trust me, such a doctor is going to be your best friend through all of this because he is going to tell you whether it is safe to do that or not. he is going to be able to measure your general body statistics and make you go through tests which, thereafter, would tell you what you should and most importantly, what you SHOULD NOT do/ take/ use.

    I am currently 40 years old with 0.0 HGH levels 240 lbs standing at 5’8″” with a BMI which is lower than 36, it has all taken me full months in order to get to the point where only this last Sunday I have got my first shipment of HGH, finally, however I can tell you that they have never sent me the pen device, ooooh, the torture… so anyway, I am going to get my pen just tomorrow or in the worst case the day after tomorrow. but yeah, you are also right on the fact that there is a price to pay for everything and that price is, again you are right, the side effects from using it. indeed, it does have a lot of possible side effects, ones being worse than others. this is the reason why I am now pretty afraid of using this stuff… it is because of those side effects that can appear from using the HGH, but anyway I have already made my decision so I am going to use it. HOWEVER, there is still something you’ve got to pay a really big attention to! at least that’s for me since I am still from the old school of ‘better be safe than sorry’ and what I am trying to say with this is that there are some side effects that you are not able to undo which means that if you’ve got them, you’re gonna struggle from that moment on regardless of what you do. this is the reason why you want those side effects never to appear at all and this is the reason why you and I and everybody else must take it VERY and VERY SLOWLY! so, if you are as me, interested in trying HGH but afraid (which seems so) then you’ve got to take my advice and take it very slow as well as you must, as I said, go to doctor. so now, with the basics being said, gonna start to answer some of some questions you had.
    the first one in regards of which brands are the best and which ones you’ve got to avoid… not sure which ones should be avoided and to be fully honest, I am not sure which ones are the best, I just can tell you that I personally am using Omnitrope, there are also Norditropin, Genotropin, Saizen (and also including the Omnitrope too) are all the brand name and the only ones that I would ever use… each ones of them are pharmaceutical Grade. but in regards of which ones are the best there are going to be a lot of different answers, I’m quite sure about it.

    now, the second question in regards of the doses, in regards of your plan and the pen product. look… I personally am on a daily dosage of only .4 mg, however I am starting at .2 mg week one, .3 mg the second week and only then, and only if I am going to feel good and I will not have any side effects then I will go up to .4 mg for a month and after that I am going to do a blood work to see how it affects me (regardless if I have side effects from taking it or not). I am going to go to see the doctor which is going to look over the results and would tell me what he thinks about it all. from that point on I am going to increase the dose only if that is going to be necessary and if my doctor would allow me to do that, I mean would tell me that it is safe. as I have already said it earlier, you’ve got to be really careful as there are side effects that you can’t undo and you have just one life, you’ve got to take it very slow and treat your life with care. take care when it comes to this.

    in regards of the side effects… well, am going to tell you a few ones but that’s not a secret, I mean the side effects of HGH injections are found all over the internet, just write this in google and you’re going to be given every single possible side effect: side effects of HGH injections. in regards of whether HGH is ‘helping’ cancer… yes, that’s true, unfortunately. that is why going to the doctor and having some basic tests before using HGH is absolutely necessary. so, here are the possible side effects of HGH Injections: Water retention, morning aches, baby naps, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypoglycemia. and here are the risk factors of HGH Injections: the growth of the existing cancer as well as acromegaly. but again, pay attention that these are not, by far, all side effects.

    next question in regards of the tests and side effects. also on what kind of doctor you’ve got to consult. the doctor, I have already answered this question earlier: endocrinologist. go and visit such a doctor before trying HGH. but I doubt that there are going to be any kind of tests which would help you and your doctor determine whether or not you would have any side effects… there aren’t such tests… the side effects are based on trial and error and you never know how it would be for you. each person is different so it is obvious that each person is going to react differently and this is the reason why you’ve got to read what I have copied over so you’ve got to know what you have to search forward. once again, this may or it also may not be the case that it is going to happen to you, however there are possibilities that it will. you never know, no preventative tests etc. the tests that I suggest you to take before taking HGH is to find out whether or not you have some conditions that are contraindicated to HGH injections. and since you never know whether or not will have side effects and which side effects, that’s why I told you that you’ve got to start slowly, very slowly if you want to be safe.

    next question in regards of whether or not HGH is going to be a waste of money if you are not going to exercise and working with little efforts… I’m sorry but I found this question funny. the reason why I found it funny is why you need it at all then? I mean, it would be a waste of money and time and everything else rest if you are not willing to put a little bit of time and effort into your quality of life. I think that HGH indeed can help you a bit even if you are not going to do anything at all, but please, again, why you take it at all if you’re not willing to do anything for the quality of your life. plus, I am damn sure that HGH, even if helps you, would help you much more if you DO something for this. I personally am not gonna stay while using it, recommend you to do the same.

    next point/ question in the reasons why you take it… indeed, any of them are true and HGH can help you achieve your goals. here is a list of positive effects of the HGH that are known to help people with: gets you a deeper sleep (which means a better quality of sleep, wake up more rested), greater cardiac output as well as improved blood pressure which leads to a lot of benefits, improved immune system (I guess I don’t have to explain here – make you feel overall much better), stronger bones, reduced body fat (indeed it helps to reduce the extra unwanted weigh), increased metabolism (again, I guess no explanation needed), increased muscle mass as well as increased endurance, all of this being said it leads to a higher energy levels which means a better concentration, willing to do stuff as well as motivation, it improves overall tissue regeneration, it is fastening the growth of hair and nails (making both stronger), it is making baby smooth skin, it is increasing the sex drive (libido) – many people reported this after starting with HGH since it is one of the most ‘noticeable’ effect, it is providing a faster regeneration after the physical activity as well as it is preventing or alleviating muscle wasting. one more positive effect noticed is that it provides a faster recovery after some severe burns or injuries (because of the effects provided earlier such as overall tissues regeneration, improved metabolism, etc.). Now, having all of that said, yeah, I do think that you are right it can help you look and feel younger and healthier, but that’s just in case you are going to use it correctly and you’re not going to suffer from severe side effects.

    now, well.. in regards of your last question, it seems that I have automatically answered it earlier. it is all true. but pay attention that the list of positive effects doesn’t mean that it would all happen to you, exactly the same as with the list of side effect which won’t all happen to you. I mean, as I said earlier, all people are different and the same as with the side effects, the gains are different from person to person since each person is reacting in different ways to stuff (depending on what you eat, what you do, genetics, age etc. etc. – that’s why is important to have a healthy way of living besides HGH).

    so, it seems that this is pretty much it and with all of that being said, I wish you good luck as well as a SAFE journey in achieving your goals which I really hope you will achieve. I hope that my answers would be helpful to you and if you have some other questions, please, answer them all here or write me privately, I am going to try to help you and answer them all. but most importantly – be safe and try not to make mistakes, but for this you’ve got to do your homework. good luck.


    thank you so so so much for your very informative answer, I appreciate it a lot. you really helped me and I have found so much useful information! trust me I appreciate your efforts a lot.

    I’ve gotta say that I am thinking about starting with HGH due to the fact that I am 36 years old now and just a bit less than 2 years ago I have started to take care about my health and figure. before that I wasn’t really paying attention to my health at all, then when I started to notice that I am not in my ‘best shape’ I started to do something about it. I have even started to attend Muay Thai lessons and more recent MMA as well and to be honest, I’m really loving it, loving both. but you know… I can feel it that in my age such stuff are not as it is used to be when it is coming to losing fat, to my shape and general performance, especially when you were not really paying attention to it before this. and that is why, as of recent, I have started to think about trying HGH with some small doses in order to boost up my work and to make me feel and look younger, as I have said in my previous post. and I knew that HGH really can help, as I have said in my first post, I have seen the changes of some people (my coach and few gym friends) and their results. no doubt it helps.

    however, as I have also said it there is one BUT that makes me be cautious… I do know that I need to start this process with supervision in order to make sure that I do not start a problem that I am not going to be able to deal with it or maybe a problem that I am able to avoid at all!! this is the reason why I registered on this site, this is the reason why I started to search information and I asked for advises and recommendation from other people who are more experienced in all this stuff. I am going to see what kind of brands are the best out there, I am also going to look at the brand that you recommended of course. thanks. plus I am damn sure that I am going to ask about the brand that my trainer is using because the reason why I am SO interested in this is my trainer and his usage of HGH… you know why… he is 42 but he still looks younger than me. I mean, I do understand… he’s a trainer so he was in the gym all his life while I started only 2 years ago, but still… I’m damn sure that a big part in this plays the HGH. so I am going to ask him what is he using, the name of the brand because as I said it earlier, all I know about this is that it is Canadian made. not sure if Canadians are the best or not but anyway…

    now I am going to start searching for a endocrinologist… I really hope that I am going to find a good one because I would need someone who really knows what is he/ she doing and recommending for somebody like me and my needs. and by the way, excuse me if I am wrong but I have done a little bit of research on this (endocrinologists) and they seem to be the same people who are treating Diabates?! I mean.. is that true? do people who deal with diabetes can help me?

    and yeah, please, there’s just one more thing. I’m sorry if it seems to be too much now but please… you have said that a side effect is that HGH is helping the growth of the existing cancer… this means that if I am not having cancer I am all safe, isn’t it true? but, if I do have cancer then from as much as I understand, any HGH product is strongly prohibited, no? but, how do I know that I am having cancer or not?
    I can tell you that I have went to a lab that day and they have told me that there are just so many tests for cancer and that I need to know which one I need to do… but I don’t have any ideas which means I need to do. please, if that’s possible… help me.

    thank you very much once again a lot for your help. I appreciate it a lot and I would appreciate it even more if you could help a bit more. it seems to me that there’s still a lot for me to learn. good luck


    hey there, as I said in my previous post there is something very important you’ve got to know, first and foremost it is the fact that I am not an expert, not a doctor, professional and nor I am an experienced HGH user this is the reason you must pay attention to a lot of things yourself and which is why it is important to talk to other people, to your doctor as well as to do your research first! I have mentioned this – I am new to HGH treatment, I am just doing my homework prior to what the doctor or anybody else is saying, I am trying to be prepared for everything and to know what to expect. I have received all of my HGH Omnitrope, alcohol swabs, needles and so on and so forth. but even with all of my research done, with all the talking I have had with different people and all my preparation for taking it… I am still quite afraid and have not started to use it, yet… it has been approximately one week and I am still thinking. the reason is very simple, I just want to think about all the cons and pros so I want to weigh them, to be sure what I am doing as well as I want to be sure that I really want to do it. it is all a hard work in my opinion. I don’t want to make any mistakes, although I do realize that regardless of how much I am trying, I might do some. and plus, I am thinking whether or not to try it even though I know that I have been diagnosed with a deficiency… the reason is that I am still really afraid of some serious side effects that may occur and ruin my life, making me feel even worse than now, prior to start taking it. so that is what I am planning to do and that is why I recommend you to do too: just take it slow, you’ve got to make sure that this is what you really want to do… exactly as I am thinking now. if you really think that it is worth it and you really want it then start and take it very slowly. plus to that, if your body is able to produce it on its own (unfortunately, my body isn’t) then you may not need the needle injection of HGH at all (there are tests you should do in order to find this out). if your body is able then you must know that there are also several pills that spike your own HGH levels, I have been tested and I have failed, unfortunately, because I would really wish I haven’t. and so, now, I do know that my system is messed up and this is why I do know that I need the injections, and maybe I need them for the rest of my life. and yeah, by the way, just out of curiosity, where do you live? I mean, in what country, I am from the US…
    anyway, in regards of your question to determine the cancer existence there are a few tests… s
    one of the most known test is Complete blood count (in short you may find it as CBC). so, this common blood test is measuring the amount of different and various types of blood cells in a sample of your blood. when you do this test, blood cancers may be detected using this test if there are too many or maybe too few of a certain type of blood cell or maybe some kind of abnormal cells are found in your blood. if you do get as a result that you do have cancer then a bone marrow biopsy may help you to confirm the diagnosis of a blood cancer.

    there is also another test, the blood protein testing. this is a test that is designed to check out and examine different proteins in your blood (electrophoresis, search in google if you are interested) can aid in detecting some certain abnormal immune system proteins (immunoglobulins) that sometimes, they are being elevated in those people with multiple myeloma. and then again, some other tests like for example the one that I mentioned earlier, such as bone marrow biopsy, they are being used in order to confirm a suspected diagnosis. so, most likely, if they do find something then they are going to make a repetitive (other) test in order to make sure that the cancer diagnosis is true.

    another test is tumor marker tests. the tumor markers are those chemicals that are made by tumor cells that are able to be detected in your blood if there are found some. however the thing is that tumor markers are also being produced by some normal cells in your body either and so the levels also may be significantly elevated in the non cancerous conditions. this is the reason why it is limiting the potential for the tumor marker tests in order to help in diagnosis cancer. this test is being used, but it is not considered to be really exact. the best way to use tumor markers in diagnosis cancer has not been determined yet and so, the use of some of the tumor marker tests it is still nowadays controversial. the examples of tumor markers are including prostate specific antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer, the cancer antigen 125 (CA 125) for the ovarian cancer, calcitonin for medullary thyroid cancer, alpha fetoprotein (AFP) for liver cancer as well as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for germ cell tumors like for example the ovarian cancer and the testicular cancer.
    one more test (I’m sure that there must be a lot of other tests, but these are just a few) it is circulating tumor cell tests. there are some experimental blood tests that are being developed in order to find those cells that have broken away from an original cancer site and are floating in your bloodstream. however the problem is that even nowadays, more research is needed in order to fully understand how those tests are able to help doctors to diagnose the advanced cancers. so that’s pretty much it in regards of cancer diagnose testing. I really hope that you will do this test just to be sure and most important is that I hope they are not gonna find anythign. again, wishing you good luck and hoping you are gonna be all safe. best wishes!


    hey there, thank you once again for your very informative answer. sorry I haven’t said it earlier, I haven’t accessed the board. after all, isn’t this board supposed to help us both and every one else with such kind of questions? thanks again, I am really happy that I have found this board and that you’re here ready to help! I appreciate it a lot!


    yes, you are right, but look, you should know that there still isn’t going to be anyone who is going to break it down for you step by step and even if there would, I still wouldn’t follow it religiously. that’s because there is just no one way that you can do things and it never was. that’s why you must be very careful… what I try to say is that what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa, this is why I said that even if someone would try to break it down for you step by step, it still doesn’t mean that it would work . that is why you must go to a doctor, you must go and visit one and talk as much as possible, ask as much as possible and he’s gonna give you answers based on your on statistics, and even so it is not going to be all sure that those are correct answers. and plus to that, you must know that you should not go to any doctor, you must visit an endocrinologist, he’s going to help you much more than other doctors. so go to an endocrinologist specialist and tell him what are your goals, what are you trying to achieve and to figure out what it is wrong with you. as I said, ask as many questions as possible and try to get answers based on your own statistics.

    as for myself I have to tell you that I have just supplied you with information that I have found myself during my journey I had and a bit of ‘collected’ information here that I thought it is important to share. this is only the information that is going to help steer you in the right direction and only that, you must know this is not the information given to you as a diagnosis or telling what you must do or anything in this matter. you’ve gotta know that there is no such thing as a magical solution. it is all only about trial and error and nothing more. remember that there is much less chance of error when you are researching based on the results of your own symptoms and test results. if it works for most people it doesn’t mean that it is going to work for you too, keep that in mind. hope this would be helpful


    well, I do not need a step by step guide on what do I need to do because even so, even if there is going to be someone who would tell me it, I am still not going to follow it, pretty much as you have said. and that’s pretty much because of the same thing as you have said: what may work for one may not work for another one. however, all that I needed and all that I asked to know is just the experience of other people, nothing more. of course I am also asking for advices and I would always listen very carefully to what they advise me with, however I would just take it in consideration, not follow it blindly. personally for me, it is only a source of information and it is not a guide or anything like that. I really don’t know if I am having a doctor that can help me through the whole process or not so far… of course I did have tried to get information and to ask as much as possible them or any one else, however there was no one who has ever given me a direct reply on those questions. I am not sure, maybe we just do not have that type of doctors here in my country, or maybe there are but god knows where to find them… not sure.

    whatever the case I just can say that people here tend to use 4 iu a day without any doctors consultations at all and what’s most important is that most of them (if not all) indeed are having some very great results which is quite surprisingly but sadly, all of them have so good results. but except me, that’s because I am asking and I am trying to gather information in order to form a decision which would be the closest to the ‘best decision’. that’s what I am trying to do right now. and that’s why I want to say that I am very thankful to you as you did have helped me and I did have learned from you. thanks a lot for everything.


    Therage hello. I want to say that I am really happy finding out that you have found this board useful and I appreciate your kind words. I also want to say that I appreciate all the information that Yoursider posted here and that he’s trying to help other members. that’s really amazing. Therage, I also want to say that I do perfectly understand that you wish to have some feedback from somebody who did has taken the HGH injections for some reasons that are similar to yours and I do understand why you do that. I can tell you that I personally have only taken homeopathic HGH over the last 10 years or so and that’s because I have never needed the injections and this is why I am not able to talk about it from personal experience, however I can tell you that since I am a registered nurse, I do have a good bit of knowledge about the HGH therapy, about all forms and also I did have discussed with a lot of patients over the years who have used the injections themselves and that’s why I do have at least a bit of experience, although it is not personal. plus to that, although I have never done it myself, *to myself*, I did have also administered the injections to patients I have taught patients about the injections and how to administer them so I do have some knowledge.

    now, what I can say is that in my opinion, as well as I know that it is the opinion of many other anti aging medical professionals as well… is that those injections should only be used as the last resort when nothing else seem to help. I don’t want to say that they shouldn’t be used, I only want to say that they should be used when nothing else seem to help. the reason for this is that the injections are full of man made hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and if you are going to do a bit of research on this you would see that it is by far not as safe as it seems to be. generally, I think that you have probably already heard of other HRT’s, such as the estrogen and progesterone replacement in women, and testosterone replacement in men too. I can tell you that as soon there is somebody who is being prescribed the HRT then the patient may need to stay on it for the rest of their life which doesn’t sound as good and that’s due to the fact that the patient’s own body it is not any longer able to make enough of its own hormone so it’s obvious that it needs a replacement, this is why it’s called hormone replacement therapy. the problem is that it is MAN MADE and I guess that it is obvious that no man made hormone is ever as good as it is the real hormone that it is made by the body. people are being put on HRT when they do not have any other options.
    now, why I said that it must be used only as a last resort when you pretty much do not have any other option… that’s because the problem with using HGH injections when you do not really need them it is that over some time, those injections are going to decrease and then can eventually completely stop your own body’s production of HGH which means that you are going to need to take it for the rest of your days and plus to that, as I said, the natural hormone is always better than man made one. this is happening because the pituitary gland it is not going to release any growth hormone any more when you are getting everything that you need from an outside source, your body ‘understands’ that it has everything it needs and so, not to get anything in excess, it ‘tells’ the pituitary gland to stop. and it stops forever. that is why I am a firm believer that people in their 30s and 40s should not be on the injections (not saying about elder people because their pituitary gland might not produce enough HGH) and that’s unless, of course, they are having some kind of a medical condition and they are not able to make enough of their own. usually, such medical conditions are when the patient is having a surgery on the pituitary gland or something in that matter. but as long as the patient’s body is able to produce enough HGH I would recommend everyone NOT to use it. as for elderly people… the decrease of the HGH that it is coming with aging can be restored by the non injections means in many in not most cases. so if you can avoid taking them, I would recommend you to do so.

    people (body builders) indeed can get some good muscle gains fast by using those injections but the problem is that as soon as they are stopping to use those injections then they may lose those gains and so they may even end up in an even worse shape than they were before they have started to take the injections. that’s because as I said, their pituitary gland stops producing HGH and as soon as they stop injecting, their only source of HGH disappears which means that they do not get anymore HGH. this is why, over time, they end up being in an even worse shape than they have been before they started to use it (because during that time, their pituitary gland secreted HGH and they were in ‘normal’ shape). so, this is being called a ‘rebound effect’. if reading about HGH you would understand it. this is the reason why the injections should be cycled … by doing so people are trying to decrease this effect, however this is still happening and you just can’t ‘stop’ it completely. by doing so, hopefully, after a while the pituitary gland is going to start once again to start the release of some HGH and MAYBE after some time it would come back to normal, but the problem is that there, of course, is no guarantee that this is going to happen, so you’re kind of gambling when you do it. I guess that you may have heard of some similar things happening to those who were using some really big doses of steroids over a long period of time. that works quite the same way but just with different things. what I try to say is that the connection in the brain that it is stimulating the release of the testosterone, for those people, has been completely and permanently lose and that is why, they needed to have testosterone replacement from that moment on until their end of days, otherwise they would end with no testosterone but having no testosterone is leading to SUCH horrible symptoms… and I am being afraid of people who are using HGH long term because this can also happen with long term use of the HGH injections either, that is why, once again, please, if you can go without using it then do not use it.


    also I must add that besides the fact that the body is becoming dependent on those injections, one of the reasons why the side effects are occurring it is the fact that it is not being natural for the body to have to deal with and break down its entire day’s worth of growth hormone all in just one dosage, or maybe as some people use it, in 2 doses per day. this is just not fine. it is as if your heart would pump blood only 2 times a day and the rest of the day it won’t. of course, you’re gonna feel it. the same goes here. the pituitary gland is naturally releasing small spurts of HGH at various times all throughout the day as it is needed and so this can cause issues, of course. you might not feel the side effects immediately, but your body surely would.

    in addition to that, I would also want to add that even though using the injections may bring about muscle gains faster than usual it happens, the injections are not the only effective way to optimize the growth hormone in the human body. I can tell you that over the last 10 years and maybe even more, I have discussed with a lot of body builders and athletes, also even including professional athletes too who have received some really great benefits by using the homeopathic form of HGH (somatropin). as I have said, those are professional athletes and body builders so it is obvious that they are not able to take any injections because of the drug testing, however they are able to use HGH and also IGF- 1 too itself but only in the homeopathic form. otherwise, of course, the drug testing shows their use and they can get banned. this is a much safer alternative as they do receive the muscle, the increased strength as well as stamina benefits too and not only because they are also getting the enhanced healing that some of our NFL players really need and the most amazing part is that they do not need to worry about the risks or about the side effects from using anything like this. and also, of course, they are not getting into trouble whenever they are getting through the drug testing and everything’s fine.

    I must add that I do know very well that there are those people who are thinking that only the injections are the only effective way of getting it, but I must tell you, from all that I have learned and from all my experience/ observations – that’s just not true, simple as that, unless your pituitary gland can no longer make its own growth hormone. in case you are having a normal pituitary gland and any decrease it is due to the aging process then I can tell you that most of the people, in fact, do not really need the injections. again, I don’t want to say that absolutely nobody really needs them, I do know that there are some people who do, but then again, by far not all. trust me I know what I’m saying. again, as I said, I’m working as a registered nurse and we are having patients that are in their 70s and 80s (as you can understand, their growth hormone levels should be very low) who are keeping their IGF 1 at a much more youthful level without using those injections… again, that’s only because they don’t need to use them. there are alternatives and I always said that whenever there are alternatives, you must go after the safest one, or at least that’s what I think of it.

    I’ve got to tell you that using the HGH injections as opposed to use a non injection product it is quite similar to the therapy of diabetics too.. what I try to say is that there are some diabetics who cannot make their own insulin and this is the reason why all of their insulin must come from any outside sources otherwise they are left with no insulin at all, that’s in the time that there are other people who are able to use a non insulin product that is going to help them to make much more of their own insulin. having that said, they are not aiming to take as much insulin, they are aiming to take something that would trigger their body to make as much insulin as possible on its own. having that said I can mention that to me it is going to be really really strange if a doctor would tell a diabetic patient that he is going to give him a product that is going to increase his own production of insulin while the patient is going to insist continuously on using insulin injections instead of that, instead of allowing his body make his own insulin. in short, it’s like you are trying to treat the root of the problem, the problem itself, and not only trying to hide away the symptoms of that problem.

    well… anyway, I do know and I understand that most likely, what I have written here it is not what you have been searching for. I do know and I understand… however I just wanted to give you my opinion if that’s worth anything since from as much as I understood, you came here on this board searching for help and trying to get opinions and experiences and so that’s why I shared this. and plus to that, since I’m a nurse I do think that this should be at least worth of anything as I did have seen things in my entire practice… plus to that, being a nurse I’m always happy to provide any information that could be any helpful to you or anyone else. if you want to ask me anything, always feel free to do so. trust me I will try to help. I wish you all the best and good luck in achieving your goal.

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