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    Hello there everyone, I came across this forum site and I saw few people who seem to be very knowledgeable and honest about HGH therapy and that is why, although, of course, I don’t know anyone here, I hope I am going to get some answers. I have big hopes that I am going to get some of your honest opinion in our case as I really need some help. As I have said in the title, my son needs HGH therapy and that is why I have some questions in regards to this. I want to get some answers from third parties which I think that is always a good idea to ask for them.

    Very well, our son is 15 years old and not so long ago he has been officially diagnosed by an endocrinologist. We have just completed the testing approximately one week ago or so and we have received the results that confirmed it just yesterday. That is why I started to search for information about it as much as possible and that’s how I came across your site. I’ve got to mention that even though he is producing some hormone, his highest reading has been only 7.4. so far, I have not directly discussed about this with the doctor, however I did discussed with his nurse and she has informed us that most likely, our son is going to need to be put through the HGH treatment.
    One very important point here (at least for me) that I must mention is that I am self employed and we do not have a medical insurance, this is the reason why I have to support all of our own medical costs without any help. I have been told that this treatment can be really expensive since HGH is generally an very expensive stuff, I have research a bit on myself about this and I saw that this is true. now, please understand me right but, even though I really wish with all my hear to get my son the treatment that he really needs, I am also searching for some alternatives as well as I think that knowing some alternatives would never hurt.
    And so I have to ask you, in your opinion, is a product such as HGH Plus (HGH homeopathic) to be a viable alternative for my son or no? if I’m going to search further for HGH homeopathic treatment, what are the chances that he is going to have same or maybe at least similar growth results as with a normal HGH therapy treatment? He is also not crazy about the injections and he is worried about the cost for us. But in the same time, it is obvious that we also want to get the necessary treatment for him. Just in case the injections are indeed his only option that he has, then do you know of absolutely any type of some kind of financial assistance or something in this matter that it is available in order to help us to cover a bit of the costs which are truly expensive? I would really appreciate if I would get help by answering these questions.

    Thank you very much for taking your time guys reading this and I am looking forward to your response!


    Hello there mr. Mike Adams, thank you very much for your kind words, I am going to try to do my best to help you and I will be very happy to give you my honest opinion on this, even though I must say that first of all, I have to recommend you to also speak with your son’s doctor as this is very important, but I am pretty sure you will do and you are going to follow his doctor’s recommendations because I doubt that there is going to be someone else who can help your son better than his doctors who has all his analysis, history etc. etc.
    So well, you said that you already have done quite a bit of research and knowing your situation I am quite sure you have done a vast research and you may already know that only the injections can give your son a dose of growth hormone that is able to provide him with all of the HGH that his body needs in order to properly grow and develop. Again, as you already might know this, the injections do not depend on the pituitary gland’s own release of the human growth hormone in order for them to be effective.
    What I am trying to say with this is that I try to make you understand better the answer that I am going to give you in regards to the homeopathic HGH therapy. So, such products do contain human growth hormone in homeopathic form, but the thing is that they are only containing a very small amount of the HGH (otherwise it wouldn’t be homeopathic) and that is why, it just cannot be a hormone replacement therapy exactly as the injections are. Therefore it would be a mistake if I am going to say that the homeopathic HGH therapy is the same or even anywhere close to the injections HGH therapy.
    As I said, the HGH injections do not depend on the pituitary gland’s own release in order to be effective, however the homeopathic HGH therapy do depend because HGH that is being used homeopathically is used in order to stimulate the pituitary gland in order to release the rest of the growth hormone that the body needs in order to heal and to optimize itself as it should normally be. it doesn’t mean that homeopathic HGH therapy is useless, there are clients that have had some amazing success with such kind of products, however it greatly depends on the health of the client’s pituitary gland. As an example, there are people who got their pituitary gland completely removed (either because they had a tumor and so they had to remove the tumor along with the gland or maybe because of something else) and in such cases homeopathic HGH therapy won’t do the necessary job. Those people have to be on HGH injections for the rest of their lives in order to get the human growth hormone that their body needs.
    But on the other hand, we have other situations… like for example in case of aging, the pituitary gland is decreasing its release of the growth hormone because of the aging process. It is not that the aging pituitary gland can no longer release the growth hormone, it is usually just not being prompted in order to release as much HGH as it was doing in the past. in such situations the homeopathic HGH therapy can really be helpful.
    Now, focusing specifically on your situation… since your son is only 15 years old, his pituitary gland should be releasing all of the growth hormone that his body needs and in case it is not then there should be a good reason for that. Having that said, I am quite sure that your son’s doctor has already checked him for pituitary tumors as well as other reasons which may be the cause of his HGH stimulation test results to be so low. Just in case there is absolutely no physical reason for his abnormal HGH release making it being lower than normal then a product as you have mentioned (the homeopathic HGH therapy) may indeed help your son to coax his pituitary gland which, therefore, would make him to release a more healthy amount of HGH that his body needs.
    Anyhow, I still think that his doctor is most likely going to want him to start taking those injections and that’s because he does know very well that the injections are going to give him all of the growth hormone that your son’s body needs immediately, which in my opinion that’s good, however I still think that you might want to also talk with his doctor about this, about him trying a homeopathic product that may possibly help in order to increase his own release of HGH. either is this going to be helpful or not I have no idea, but I think that it might be worth a try and that’s because our bodies, of course, are always preferring the real growth hormone that it is producing itself over the man made HGH. while the man made HGH is very good and it has saved so many people, I think that it is still a very good idea to at least try, to give a chance, to the pituitary gland of a person to make its own HGH, in case there’s a chance of course (as I said in my example earlier, people who got their gland removed, obviously, have no chances of producing their own HGH, but there other situations as well).
    I must say here one very important thing: as soon as your son is going to start with the HGH injections then it is going to be very hard for him to stop using them later, this is the reason why I am a firm believer that the injections, although very helpful for some people, should usually be the last resort when everything else fails to work, and not the first resort while other things have not even been tried… but in your situation, since your son is still young, he does needs to get his growth hormone up to the normal levels pretty fast because in this way he can get the most out of the time that he still has left in his growth and development years because as we both understand, that’s really important.
    In the end, as much as you can see, there are different ways of looking at it, pretty much as in absolutely any situation out there. however, I do realize that you wish to get an ‘exact’ answer and that is why I tell you this: in case he were my son then I one would try a homeopathic product for say 2 or maximum 3 months and then have his level checked once again… in case there is not going to be seen absolutely no improvement then, obviously, I would go with the injections as soon as possible. This way you would know that you at least tried to make your son’s body produce its own natural HGH release.
    Next… you have already asked about any financial assistance that is going to help you cover at least a part of the costs for those injections.. unfortunately, I don’t actually know of anyone specifically for the HGH injections, however from as much as I know, there are some kind of foundations or something that provide medical assistance for children. Either are those foundations going to cover the HGH injections or not I don’t know, but I think it is a good idea to give them a try. I have searched for ‘medical cost assistance for children’.
    As a conclusion to all that I have mentioned earlier I would like to once again mention that I would strongly recommend you to talk with your son’s doctor about his options, opinions etc. and about possibly trying a homeopathic HGH product and let’s just hope that he is going to be familiar with homeopathy and the way that it works, however even if he is not a proponent of the homeopathy I would still recommend you to follow his advice because as I have already said it earlier, I doubt that there’s someone else who can help better, or maybe you could go see another specialist but with all your son’s test results and history etc. on your hand. I wish you all the best to you and your son, and generally to all your family. Hope he is going to be fine and even if HGH injections are his only option I truly believe that you are going to manage somehow to get the money for the injections.


    Thank you extremely much for everything! I am definitely going to try my best to do everything exactly as you told/ recommended me. you really seem to be like a very nice person who does know very much in regards to HGH that is why I do trust you. I really loved the idea of trying to make my son’s gland produce its own HGH and only in case of failure to go to injections. Obviously I am going to try my best to purchase the injections that he needs in case we are going to reach this point but I really hope that those 2-3 months of homeopathic HGH therapy would show some results and not because that means less money, but because as you said – our bodies always prefer natural HGH instead of the man made HGH. thanks again for everything, I really appreciate every last of your word you wrote up there !

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