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    Hello there everyone, could you, please help me on my question? As much as you can see, I would really like to find out whether or not is balsamic vinegar fine for the P2? Please. I do know very well that *pounds and inches* is saying that we are allowed to have Apple Cider Vinegar during our P2, however I just wanted to ask if we are allowed to have other types of vinegars as well, like for example the balsamic one or whatever other vinegars? If the balsamic one is not allowed then which one is, if there’s any? The reason I ask is because I am currently searching for a *salad dressing* which does not need a sweetener in order to taste sweet. I need to mention here something very important which is that I did have done 3 rounds in the past already (in none of them I have ever used salad dressing, however I just have a feeling that right now I want some variety) and with this being said, I need to mention here that the single time when I have felt that my hypothalamus reset and I’ve been feeling that I was truly free and there was no more the food addiction it has been that round when I have not used any sweeteners at all and so, now I do know for sure that this plays an important role! I surely do miss Stevia a lot, however I just want to reset again and to be free again! This is the only thing that I have found that it is working for me, seemingly nothing else is actually being helpful for me.
    So, with all this being said, I would really appreciate anyone who would try to help me by giving me some non sweetener salad dressing recipes! I would deeply appreciate such recipes and information! And also, would really appreciate those answering my question. I would really like to know if it is being allowed to have regular balsamic dressing? Would really like to. Is there anybody who can help? Thanks!


    In fact, if you’re going to check it a bit more carefully then you’re going to see that *pounds and inches* does not actually say that you can have apple cider vinegar as it only says that you can have vinegar and there is not specified which type of vinegar is being allowed and with this being said, I can say that you’re free of using any type of vinegar that you wish to use. Back in the 1950’s or maybe 60’s (not sure) in Italy, most likely this has been (most of the time) red wine vinegar, but as much as I know, any type that you wish to use is just fine so I wouldn’t be worried. With this being said, the balsamic vinegar would be just as fine too, however I just need to warn you: better read the label of that balsamic vinegar you’re about to use as I have heard that there are some brands which might have some added sugar. I personally have not seen this myself, however while been doing my research I did have heard about the added sugar to them so I just wanted to make sure you know it in case you already don’t. hopefully this is going to be helpful.
    To add here something from experience… all and the only salad dressings that I’ve made myself are all very disappointing, of course, compared to the salad dressings that I’ve use to made. However they are still much better than nothing at all.
    Not sure if this is going to be any helpful for you but it doesn’t cost me anything to share it so maybe it would be of any help: you’ve got to mix red wine vinegar, a squeeze of orange juice as well as a few dashes of the mustard powder. Then just simply eat the rest of the orange for your fruit that meal.
    Also, puree or mash together as a mix some champagne vinegar and also get a couple of strawberries there. then, as above, simply eat the rest of the strawberries for your fruit in that meal. If you like then you’re also able to use the red wine vinegar as well with the strawberries if you want to. And by the way, thinking a bit: the strawberries and the balsamic vinegar sound to be pretty good as well, to be honest.
    One last thing that I can add here is that you’re able to mix 1t milk, 1 t apple cider vinegar, a pinch or maybe a dash each of salt, pepper, dried parsley as well as dill, onion powder along with garlic powder. You can then pretend this is a ranch dressing. I truly hope that this is going to be any helpful for you!


    Oh well, thanks a lot, I very much appreciate it all! And it does feels very good to know that the Balsamic vinegar is actually supposed to be on Simeons Manuscript plan! I guess the reason I didn’t know it is because I very rarely hear people to mention that they are using it. thanks! I just wanted to know and ask you: is there anyone who is using this and is not gaining weight? Thanks again!


    Yep, I agree with you that we do not hear very often people saying that they are using it and I’m among those people either as I personally have not used it to be honest. Instead, I personally am also using the red wine vinegar as well. However there are chances that it might be kind of iffy and that’s because it is typically containing the grape must (which is usually concentrated grape skins) but the problem is, as much as you know, the grapes are not found in the normal protocol menu. But then again, starting from the very beginning – the red wine vinegar it is a grape product as well.
    Whatever the case, I just think that I personally would compare the brands and then i am going to choose the one that is having the lowest carb and sugar count and go for it. in the end of it all, as it has been mentioned up there, it is indeed not being specified in the protocol what type of the vinegar we can use, therefore I also think that any type of vinegar is fine, of course, except those with extra carb/ sugar number.
    However if you are thinking about what would be readily available in Italy back 70 years ago then I do think that it is most likely the red wine vinegar as it was mentioned or the balsamic vinegar as these would be the common/ usual choices.
    But in the end, the reason why we’re most hearing about apple cider vinegar and we hear people using only this product it is because there is nothing to question about this choice. Plus it could be the easiest to find.
    Lastly, in case this is going to be something that is really going to help you to stay on the plan as you should then I think that it could be worth a test in order to check how you are going to do with it. this usually makes you understand that there’s either absolutely nothing to be worried about or that you need to go change something without guessing. Anyway, in the end, if I had to guess then I would say that you are most likely going to be just fine.


    Thanks for those recommendations and recipes that I’ve got there, they sound really yummy! Thanks, I mean, I am talking about Pretend Ranch! Will definitely try it out! I have been doing my Pretend Honey Mustard for a good while now but I just can’t take it anymore as I’m sick of it. your recipes comes really handy so I’m thankful!


    Since I can see that you people like to get new recipes I decided to post here as I also have some which I have found and I love and I decided to share with you. I’ve managed to find this P2 recipe which I personally love a lot, however it is not for everyone as you need to like mustard. If you do then I assume you would love the recipe as well. I have done the diluted recipe to use for the salad dressing.
    This recipe I am going to tell you I find it to be just perfect for putting it over a mild fish or a chicken and baking it in the oven! Except for trying it like this, I have also used it as a dipping sauce as well for the chicken so you could use it this way too as you might love it. if you’re searching for any other methods to use it then I can tell you that I personally also love to make lettuce wraps, next up, and then spreading some all over it. the last thing that I have tried it is to add more broth to make a Dijon Dressing for my salads as well so I recommend you people to try it out as well. but in the end, I just think that there are so many uses for this sauce… you just have to discover them all. So here’s the recipe:
    Half a cup of chicken stock (I just recommend to pay attention to which kind of stock you use)
    Half a cup of publix greenwise tangy Dijon mustard (I personally am deeply in love with it, I do know that this is a personal preference kind of thing, but I recommend it to all!)
    2 tablespoons of minced, fresh herbs (you could use Chives, Parsley, Basil or maybe Oregano as these are some amazing options to my opinion). Again I do know that this is just a preference thing but I personally put my vote for Chives and for Basil.
    1 tablespoon of minced garlic.
    Another thing to add here is that in case you are doing it for a salad dressing then I also suggest you to add a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and also add a tablespoon of lemon juice over there. by adding this the half a cup of chicken stock might not be enough so add it until you’re going to reach the perfect taste for you.

    In the end, you’re having 2 options on how you’re able to do this, as you are able to stick all of those ingredients in a food processor and then pulse it a few times but if you do not think that this is going to be an idea (or simply do not want one more dish to put in the cleaner) then simply pour it all down in a bowl and that’s it, you’re all set and done. You’re going to be able to spread it all over your favorite meat, to dip your chicken in it, or you could also put on a wrap or whatever else, just let your imagination work there. I do know that people have different preferences however for me personally that’s an amazing sauce to give the taste to any dish!

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