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    Hello there. I would appreciate if some of you could help me with this question and if you could be answering some more of questions that I have which I am going to write down here. Well, I’ve gotta start off by saying that I am currently thinking about doing the Simeon Protocol and so I have been wondering what it is the difference in the injection methods so anything in this matter is going to be very much appreciated. So well, here are the questions I would really like to get some answers for:
    *is one of them better than the other one? I mean, as the title is saying, the intramuscular compared to the subcutaneous injection?
    *does any one of them give you about more weight loss compared to the other one? Maybe a quicker weight loss? This is obvious a question for those who used both methods, or at least for those who are experts.
    *how does the Intramuscular injections are feeling? Are they really bad or not?
    *this question is quite the ‘continued part’ of the last question: are they making your muscles sore? Painful?
    *and my last question so far: I have read in several sources that I found that the subcutaneous injections are not really hurting at all… is that true? also, is this true about the Intramuscular injections either??
    These are, so far, all the questions that comes into my mind in regards to the HCG injections, however, absolutely any other information that you might be able to give me in regards to them (and maybe, specifically more about the Intramuscular injections) is going to be very and very helpful, and that’s definitely going to be very much appreciated! So far, this is the method that I am leaning towards. However, I am just not totally sure so far and that’s why I would like to get a little bit of your help and valuable advices. Thank you very and very much for all of your help in advance, I would appreciate everything you can help me with!


    Hello there. first off I must say that I wish you good luck and I really hope that whichever method you decide to pick up – it would work and it would make you lose weight and achieve those goals that you hope to have. So well, in answer of your questions I’m gonna try my best:
    *I’m not by any means a professional or anything in this matter, but from as much as I know, there is a doctor (or maybe more of them, I’m clueless), who mentions that the IM (IM – for reference in future, is intramuscular), is believed to get into the bloodstream faster than SQ (SQ – for reference in future, of course, is subcutaneous), and so, therefore, it is believed to be more effective.
    *unfortunately, there is no information or studies which would claim/ prove that either one is actually better. No info can actually say whether one versus the other one is going to give you faster and/ or more weight loss that’s why I don’t want to tell you anything that might misinform you. They might be the same, they might not, I am not sure. As an example, I am also using the HCG injections and I have switched from the sq ones to the im the last week (or maybe a bit more now), and to be honest, I cannot really see any changes in my losses as they are pretty much following the exact same pattern that they used to before my method change, and that’s although I’ve really tried try pay attention if there would be any. However keep in mind that this is my experience only so far, this doesn’t mean that everyone will experience the exact same thing as this may not be the same for other people. It also could be the thing that depending on each person – sq might work better for some while im might work better for others. Or there is also the possibility that it indeed doesn’t matter and everyone would get the same experience as I did – regardless of which one you use – you don’t get any changes. Not sure.
    *the im injections don’t actually hurt (again, at least based on my experience) – they only pinch a little bit, after that when you are pushing the plunger slowly, you are able to feel some sort of pressure as it is going into the muscle. Then again, at least this is my experience and based on it – it does not hurt, it is only kind of feels strange.
    *again based on my experience with them, they are not making my muscles be sore, however instead of that, on some occasions, I can get a little bit of a burning around the injection area for like around an hour or maximum two, but not anything bad.
    * in regards to your last question…. If you are using an insulin needle at around 31 gauge (the larger the gauge is the smaller the needles is), and you are pinching a bit of fat to inject into, no, it is not going to hurt you at all. in fact, it is so painless that often I had to look to make sure that I have put the needle in… as for the im one, it is not like that as you do feel a little bit of a pinch, however trust me that there’s absolutely nothing bad or much… definitely nothing to be afraid of as it is about like a mosquito sting. I am using my insulin needles in order to IM into my deltoid muscle so I’m absolutely all fine.
    As a conclusion here I would say that I do like the IM injections fine and I keep on pinning with them. again, I am not sure which ones are better so I can’t say anything with certitude, however I still keep on running with the IM injections as they are not anything bad but since they are reportedly to be more efficient at getting the hCG into the bloodstream with the most potency, I think that I am giving myself the best chance to lose. Can’t say whether is this helpful or not, but I just wanna take the chance. So I personally am definitely not finding it to be any more difficult than doing the sq ones. Really hoping a lot that this is going to be helpful at least a little bit and then again, regardless of which one you decide, I hope it is going to help ya.


    CamperPlace thank you very and very much for your information! I really appreciate it a lot! To be honest, I’ve gotta admit that I am a little bit scared about the entire needles thing as I am getting a bit light headed each time when I am getting a shot from the doctor… and that’s whereas my doctor gives me the shot… can’t actually imagine that I am going to be able to do myself. And yeah, by the way, much less giving one to myself every day!! That’s just a double… pain, for me. however, I am still not sure as I am thinking that I should be doing it since I do want to use the most effective method out there that I just can. Thanks very much as your information really is making me think that in the end it is not going to be so bad as I used to think of it and that most likely I should be fine… or at least, thanks to the information you provided you gave me ‘power’ to at least want to give it one try and see how good/ bad it is so thanks very much! I really found it helpful.
    Also, please, just keep us all informed here on how well the IM does for you! I guess you realize how much I want to find out from your if you are going to see any changes and are going to lose more or less after some more time while you are doing the IM method. That is why, please, keep trying to notice if you are going to have any changes at all and after a while, please come back and share whether have you noticed any changes or not. I wish you all the best and thanks again for everything!


    Hey everyone here, can I get a bit of your help, please? I am having something similar to this thread so that’s why I decided to post it here. Well, I have purchased the IM by mistake not so long ago and now I want to inject in my fat and not in my muscles so that’s quite a problem due to the fact that I don’t know where to inject in my muscle and so I am being afraid that I might go in way too far than I should to or the other way around that I might not in far enough so I really need help. Is there someone out there who might be able to tell me whether am I able to use my HUCOG IM only for the subcutaneous injections instead? I’m clueless of what I’ve gotta do so any of your help is going to be very much appreciated.


    Hello. Well, you’ve just got to use the insulin syringes for sub q (in the fat) injections. In case you are having some long IM needless then you are still able to inject in your fat… you can just insert the needle only a half of the inch or so. No problems because the hCG it is exactly the same whatever the way so no worries. It is going to be exactly as effective so you’re worrying too much. You can go online and read about injecting hcg and you are going to find a lot about the injections as online you can find a lot of sites/ articles etc. etc. where you are able to find such information. I think that it is really helpful for someone who searches information of this matter. wishing you all the best and hopefully you’re going to succeed.


    Hi. I am using hCG injections and this is currently my third round with them, last 3 times I have used a small 5/8 needle in order to inject in the stomach fat. This current time they have sent me IM Hucog. I have already purchased the smaller 5/8 needles… what I wanted to ask you people is… do you know if I am able to use these smaller needles and to still inject the IM in the fat of the stomach or do I NEED to use the longer needle and to inject in the muscle?! I wanted to finally start doing it today but then I have seen that on the bottle they say IM…

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