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    Hi there everyone… in order to make it a little bit more clearer, as I think that it depends on each person, I am going to make a brief introduction about my background story which I hope this would help to make you give me a price answer, please.
    So well, I am 32 years old and I have been lifting for the last 12 years or more and cycling AAS for approximately 6 or maybe 7 years now. I am 5’11” and just weighed in at 244 pounds yesterday (doubt that much has changed until now, LOL). approximately 5 months ago or so (somewhere in february) I have had my right pec reattached as I have blew it off the bone in the time that I have been warming up for the national bench only record… my weight has dropped down to 225 in a month and a half (mid march or so), as I have just been running a ‘light’ sustanon/ deca dosage and I’ve been doing that in order to help in a quality heal. I must say that even though I am still leary to do very much if any pectoral isolation exercises, I am still back trying to do it all very heavy on absolutely all other of my body parts as I don’t want to lose it and besides that, I am currently running the following: 1000 mg of sustanon per week, 60 mg of dianabol a day as well as 60 mg of anavar per day.
    Since I am here talking about this I must mention that I am perfectly aware of the increased risk of the liver harm from running 2 orals simultaneously, however I did have run the Dianabol and anavar combination in the past (6 weeks at a time) and I have to say that I am still using it because from my experience I saw that it is an explosive combination for me. also here I should say that in 2 weeks when it is going to be the time to come off the orals, I am going to be subbing in tren Enanthate 600 mg per week, equipoise 900 mg per week. I must also say that in addition to the 100 mg per week of sustanon I am running.
    Now, I have been given 3x 1 mg of human grade igf 1 LR 3 by a friend of mine in the pharmaceutical business. I am having absolutely no idea of how I need to use this thing (besides the 15 – 20 absolutely various and different dosing instructions that I have found and read on various and different sites online). So I have no idea which one of those instructions I should believe… at least if they would have been plus or minus the same then I would understand that I need the average, but the dosing instructions I found really differ from one another…
    So well, my understanding right now it is that I want to inject a total of 50 mcg into the muscle group that I just have finished to train (no?). and so after the shoulder work out for example, 25 mcg per delt. And also from as much as I can understand, this stuff must not be used for a period longer than 8 weeks, is that true?
    Anyway, here are my questions that are the following:
    First one: will this stuff help me in the quality of heal from my pec reattachment surgery?
    Second question: am I correct in the dosing advice that I have read and I have mentioned a little bit earlier?
    Third: since I am lifting 3 to 4 days a week, am I only injecting on the workout days, or should I also inject on the off days as well? In case I need to inject on the off days as well, then where do I need to inject it? on the workout days I inject where I worked out, but on the off days??
    Fourth question and seemingly the last one… what type of gains or what results I should reasonably expect in the time that I am running this concurrently with the sustanon/ tren/ EQ cycle that I have listed a little bit earlier??
    Thanks… I would deeply appreciate absolutely any of your response/ advice that you guys can give me here. I really need some answers so I would really appreciate if I could get some. Thanks a lot in advance for everything!


    Well, to answer the first question: in case there is absolutely ANY evidence that absolutely ANY PED is promoting post operative or post traumatic healing then I am sorry, I just have not seen it, in case there is absolutely anyone who has any evidence then please share it here with us. Having that said, I think that the answer to this question is NO and therefore there’s no ‘reason’ to continue with the rest questions as they could have been elaborated only if the answer here would be yes. That is why
    Question 2) see answer nr. 1
    Question 3) see answer nr. 1
    Question 4) see answer nr. 1
    I’m sorry… in fact, I can say that there is more evidence that supports the notion, AAS in particular, are most likely to WORSEN the articular healing. Not trying to say that this is true 100% but that’s what I think/ heard. Quite sure this is not the answers that you wanted to get so I’m sorry.


    well, as much as I can understand here, the main question that you have is what will IGF 1 LR 3 do for you…? Is that true? well, if that’s so then you should know that it is just going to leave you with less money in your pocket, and possibly to help with the tight hips bc if that. In the end you decide what to do… but I guess you’ve already understood my recommendation.


    [quote] As much as I know, one thing that AAS are going to do is to worsen the GCMM that it does seems to me that you are already developing..
    In regards to this part I just wanted to say that by saying this, I am sorry, but you don’t actually seem to be overly bright at least in such things. That’s, to me, a slight issue with literary comprehension.


    I personally did liked the stuff but that’s only if you are getting good stuff and I say this because as much as I know there is a lot of crappy quality stuff out there. that’s why, if you are really interested in trying out then make sure that it is going to be properly made. Sure there is a patent on it, however its still being made, pretty much like some SARMS out there… very well, if you are interested then here is some information for you that could be of some use I think, I’ve made the research a while back so here’s something pretty important:
    Why the peptides that you are planning to use should be made from a recombinant DNA source and not a chemically synthesized source.
    So well, I want to bring something up about peptides and peptide quality. I really see a lot of people going the cheap route, however there is a reason that they may be simply wasting their money. this is the reason why I wanted to start a thread about a problem that I think it is going to be realted to the efficacy of the chemically synthesized IGF and most of the other peptides out here in comparison to the recombinant made ones.
    From the research I have made I noticed that there are a lot of threads all over there about the IGF 1 and there are other peps that are giving quite some good gains and to be honest, I do feel as if some of it may be bs or the person is just having something known as a ‘placebo effect’, but on the other hand we have other people who can swear that peptides are a total 100% scam and that they are doing absolutely nothing at all (which is then again, not true either)… I believe there is a ‘balance’ between the 2 which means that while it is not anything like a miracle we still cannot call it useless. And while some should think: maybe you’ve got placebo effect? The others might think that there might be a reason why their IGF 1 cycle did not gave them jack shit?! And now, of course.. why that happened?
    I personally am thinking that most people are purchasing IGF 1 (for an example of a popular peptide being used) made by some cheap peptide synthesis companies. However, chemical synthesis of the IGF 1 is lacking the correct (proper) disulfide bonds which is causing the proper folding and function in the whole peptide chain. IGF 1 and its many many analogs are requiring 3 disulfide bonds in order to generate the correct folded form of the protein and this can only be accomplished in the body as being naturally produced, or in E. coli bacteria as a recombinant source that is being quite similar to how the HGH is being made (I mean, in the recombinant way).
    There’s also insulin which is another one very similar in terms of the structure of the IGF 1 and it is also being inactive and/ or unstable in case is being synthesized chemically, it has to be recombinant made or to be extracted from some biologic source (for those who still don’t know, they were used to extract insulin from bovine and the HGH from cadavers, I know it sounds gross but that’s reality).
    Now, when you see that it is made with ‘recombinant DNA’ this only means that it is made in bacteria which is having data input into it and then is being ‘fermented’ create enzymes that is making those intramolecular disulfide bonds so that the protein folds into the right configuration and therefore it has the biological function it is being supposed to have, having the proper amino chain that is NOT being enough and be sure that it is NOT that simple as you may imagine. If you are going to look more into the human clinical trials or current clinical treatments of the patients, they are currently using some of those peptides as a part of a therapy protocol and therefore they are using recombinant DNA made peptides, they are not using the chemically synthesized ones and they are not using them for a really good reason.
    You can go on ncbi. nlm. nih. gov (without spaces, I am not sure if we can include links) and search for *Role of native disulfide bonds in the structure and activity of insulin-like growth factor 1: genetic models of protein-folding intermediates.* and click on pubmed article. There you are going to find just one of the many other studies on how actually important the correct bonds are, and not only the structure of them. I recommend reading that one because I really liked the way they wrote it. there is only a little bit to read but it is said very well. And that was written back in 1993!
    Anyway, I can say that there are a lot of those cheap peptide sellers out there that seemingly seem to appear every single day for the last couple of years with some extremely, i would even say funnily low prices. Their prices are some ridiculously cheap that they just don’t make absolutely any sense. I mean, they are so cheap that it is a clear sign they are fakes etc. but people still fall for it and buy them. It is pretty much like you see a $50,000 car being sold for $500. You know there’s something wrong with it. that is why, if there is something that does seems to be too good to be true then most likely that is so!
    And trust me, there are good reasons as why there are some places that are so cheap in the time there are some other places that are selling ‘seemingly’ the same product but it can cost more than 2 times or even 3 times or more the amount compared to those cheaper places. The saying ‘if it seems to be too good to be true then that’s so’ applies to everything and I also like the saying ‘you are getting what you are paying for’ as that’s also true. I like these as they are both true in most of the cases, or at least they usually are like that… and this is the reason why I wanted to recommend you to do your research first before purchasing anything. And we should think like this the other way around. I didn’t tried to say that you need to go for the most pricey one as just because it is pricey it again doesn’t automatically mean that it is of the best quality, you still need to research the company properly and make sure that you are not overly paying for something. However in case it is really really cheap then if I would be you I would simply avoid due to the fact that the chances of that stuff to be properly made are very low and even close to 0 in such case. Again, you can’t sell something net worth $ 100 for $ 50 no? just my opinion. So please be safe and try to avoid scammers as there is a flooded market of crappy quality made peptides that is coming from China and maybe from everywhere else on this Earth.
    What you really want it is the more expensive recombinant DNA made peptides if you really want it to work. Make sure not to get the cheaply made, unstable and largely biologically inactive chemically synthesized peptides. From as much as I saw, there are a lot of people out there that have absolutely no ideas about all of this and this is the reason why I decided to make this thread and hopefully this is going to help you and maybe it will help someone else too. Good luck and all the best!


    Thank you very and very much, I appreciate your words very and very much. And your post does seem to be helpful… in fact that I should say that this was a quality, fact based response which I personally found it to be extremely helpful unlike other responses I have been given.
    I’ve gotta mention here that the IGF 1 LR3 that I have been given is pharma grade one. It is surely not a cheap stuff as it is pharma grade and given to me from a good friend of mine who is working for a Canadian pharmaceutical company which is also manufacturing these stuff (peptides and so on) for use in a laboratory/ testing environment! This stuff I was given has been tested and it is being guaranteed to be at least 98% purity and so I really think that it is of a great quality!
    This is the reason why I am not being worried at all about the quality/ purity of the product that I have got from my friend… If the stuff in general should do what I have asked whether it does or not then this stuff will do it because it is of a good quality. But then again, what I actually wanted to find out is whether it will benefit me in the terms of continued healing of my injury as well as gaining some ‘new muscle mass’ in case this stuff is being taken correctly.
    And so, from as much as I can see, the answer to what I have asked up there does seem to be ‘yes’, at least based on the information that has been provided up there by you people and some other researches that I have done myself in the meantime. Doing my research I have came along a very compelling video from an endocrinologist/ north American champion, bodybuilding champion… and this man is cycling the IGF 1 LR 3 religiously and swears by the muscle recovery/ permanent new lean mass generation properties. So, in the end, I pretty much found the answer to my questions and I seemingly found the good product. Now I just gotta learn to use it properly for my goals.


    I’m really sorry to tell you this but you are wrong on that last part you said up there:
    *And so, from as much as I can see, the answer to what I have asked up there does seem to be ‘yes’, at least based on the information that has been provided up there by you people and some other researches that I have done myself in the meantime. Doing my research I have came along a very compelling video from an endocrinologist/ north American champion, bodybuilding champion… and this man is cycling the IGF 1 LR 3 religiously and swears by the muscle recovery/ permanent new lean mass generation properties. So, in the end, I pretty much found the answer to my questions and I seemingly found the good product. Now I just gotta learn to use it properly for my goals.*
    And I’m very sorry to tell you that in fact, your answer is NO! I don’t want to discourage you or anything in this matter, however you should know that it is not actually going to help you with healing an injury nor it is a potent mass builder… I’m sorry ‘bout this.
    Although there are those observations of an effect of GH and IGF 1 on protein synthesis, the fact remains that the gains in the muscle mass are not, in fact, being observed in healthy subjects after long term GH administration and so, any benefits are being very unlikely to happen due to muscle mass gains.
    In the GH plus exercise groups, circulating IGF 1 levels as well as fat free mass were consistently increased in comparison to the placebo groups. Therefore, it is quite possible to extrapolate that increasing circulating IGF 1 would also be without the consequence for muscle mass in the healthy humans. you should know that the administration of the IGF 1 is acutely activating the muscle protein synthesis (you can find more in Fryburg 1995 online), but similarly to the GH a 1 year administration has not resulted in increased lean body mass (more information in Friedlander 2001). So, the effects of the GH on fat free mass may be because of the water retention, which it is being a very known side effects of the growth hormone administration, or to an increase in the soft tissue because of the stimulatory effects of the GH on the collagen synthesis.
    Very well, to make a conclusion about it all… the normal GH/ IGF 1 function really does have a role in the development as well as the maintenance of the muscle mass, as it is being shown from the evidence in the GH deficient patients, burn patients, in the hypophysectomized animals as well as animal models in which the GH receptor as well as IGF IR activity are both showing lacks. But in the same time you need to remember that the IGF 1 or/ and growth hormone administration are having, so far, no proven benefits for the muscle mass in the healthy people in which the growth hormone function is normally working. There are those animal researches, however in most of those animal studies in which the GH is being administered… the GH is given to those animals that are still growing and hence, this may work as a confusion of the results in comparison to the administration in fully grown animals which might very well show different results. In addition to that there’s something very important. although we might seem to be pretty similar, the species differences between rodents and humans in the functioning of the GH/ IGF 1 axis should be taken in consideration here which I think that this may leave quite a big gap. The studies with transgenic and knockout animals are also being complicated because of the fact that the embryonic development of the tissue can be affected and therefore, this thing might have different consequences to altering gene expression as soon as the animal has fully reached its maturity state. As you can see, there are a lot of things that should be taken into account. Many of which have still not been proved nowadays or proved that your beliefs are wrong… I’m just trying to make you understand that you shouldn’t have big expectations and then end up with nothing. I also suggest to go on that site ncbi and instead of PubMed search in PMC for : *Regulation of muscle mass by growth hormone and IGF-I* and read the article as you might find it helpful. All the best


    Oh well… that’s an amazing post I would say. That’s another very well written and definitely educating response which is why I am very thankful to you for taking your time writing it for me and other people who need same answers as I do. But I should say that even though I really appreciate your post very much, it simply has me even more confused…
    So those people who just swear by it… if it DOES really work to absolutely any noticeable extent for them… must be because of an initial lack of growth hormone or maybe a glitch in their pituitary gland system function which has been unknowingly ‘corrected’ by the proper supplementation of the IGF 1 LR3?! After all the research I have done and after reading all your post this is the only ‘logical’ conclusion that I have got. If they do work for you then it either means you had / have lack of GH or there’s something wrong with your pituitary gland. Given the fact that you are absolutely healthy then it simply doesn’t work and doesn’t give you any effects. this sounds logical because it also explains why there are people swearing so much that it did helped them so so much whilst there are others who said that they haven’t gotten any effects at all, even if both these people took the same stuff. I just cannot see how otherwise someone can get so much help whilst others not feeling anything at all.
    Oh my… that’s so confusing… man, to be honest… in all of those hours that I have spent in attempt of finding answers and researching about this, I can say with certitude that I’ve never come across a subject to have such conflicting answers and opinions. That’s just crazy to me as it does seem to be really approximately 50 to 50 and with completely different answers. And to be honest, with all of this said, this is not really good enough for me to use it, and that’s even if this stuff has been given to me for free as I don’t want to screw up my body with something even if that’s stuff is ‘free’. That’s madness.
    Is there anyone else out there that is having some actual experience dosing with this stuff themselves and maybe would chime in with their experiences/ opinions etc? please? The reason why I want some people with their own experience to chime in is that it does seems to me as the users are those people (at least most) that swear that it does works, in the time that those who have only done some research about it (at least most) swear that it is useless… that is why, I am really interested now in seeing what would an experienced user say about this? do you think that it is actually useless or you think that it will work? Thanks again for everything and thanks in advance for other people’s ideas.

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