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    hello there all. I would like to get a bit of your insight, help and support… if possible…
    so well, I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 and a half years ago. So well.. I have been prescribed metformin and saxagliptin. In addition to that, I have also been on Canagliflozin btw… however I have had numerous infections nearly as soon as I have started with it and that is why, I had to stopped, and never returned back.
    I must mention that I have been due to have bariatric surgery the next month, however my operation has been postponed due to the fact that my Hb1Ac score has been 104. To be honest, I am completely devastated now and I seem to go into depression… anyway, the reason why I am now here talking about it and posting this specifically to this forum part is that my diabetes clinic is going to start me on insulin injections.
    So well, before my appointment later today, I simply thought about asking this community about the insulin forum for some kind of advice of how quickly the insulin is taking effect and I also think that it is important for me to know about any of the side effects, or maybe there are some side effects that I really need to be aware of. I expect the doctor to explain it all a bit, but you know.. talking with other patients for a little while might be even more worth.
    So, it has been suggested to me that I am going to have 2 types of the Onsulin – one being used 3 times per day and the other one as it would be required for me… any type of support/ help/ advice is going to be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    So well, I really don’t know how actually helpful I can be as my experience of insulin has not been very good but I am still going to try my best. I can say that I have definitely put on a stone for each of the five years that I have been using it and that kills me… I do know very well what are you talking about because I have also taken metformin and sitagliptin (I am sorry but I am not very sure if the spelling for the second one is the right one..)
    In the time of my diagnosis, my bg has been 17.8 and I have been told that I need to treat it with an eat well plate diet and with some lifestyle changes. So well, a couple of years later after that (even though I did have had the diet and some lifestyle changes) my BG was still very high, very well, somewhere over 30! Which has been when my DN has started me on a quite low dosage of the Lantus medication which I have increased every 3 days… the aim of doing this has been that I needed to increase this thing until I have got to that point of where my BG has been testing fine. very well… it has taken approximately 2 months or so of steadily increasing (and also, with every day phone calls from my DN) until we both have finally understood and realized that this is not actually going to help and that is why, only then, she has added there in Novarapid, this one I have injected just before my meals. In the beginning I have been injecting a fixed dose of it and I was still not able to get my levels within the normal range, there were sometimes when I have been having some low levels, however mostly they were still high for me. I was, without any doubts, a bit of a mess, that’s for sure. I had no idea what to do and everything seemed to be to no avail, that’s truly depressing.
    So well… then later after a friend has went on a carb counting course, I have taken the decision that what she’s doing makes perfect sense and it has been my best option (I really have no idea why I thought like that), I wasn’t sent on a course even though I have asked both my DN and GP… and over the next few years I have, on some occasions, repeated my request, however I have never been offered/ recommended to go on one. So well, and frankly I would not really recommend this, I have done it on my own without their approval or recommendation. I have read a LOT of the online and photocopied my friend’s course literature and I have been really trying to do all my best. And it did has worked to an extent, however I honestly can say that I did not like the entire injecting thing and there was one afternoon when I have done a mistake with my insulin which has forced me to decide to at least try to come off it, which I have, in the end, finally managed to do.

    Whichever the case, I can gladly say now that I am not any longer using the insulin… what I do instead it is that I am eating a very low carb diet and I am very (VERY) careful to test my BG at least seven or on some occasions more times per day… it goes like this… just as soon as I am waking up in the morning, approximately 2 hours or so after I have my breakfast, then just before I am having the lunch, then later like 2 or so hours after the lunch (but I track time to be exactly 2 hours), then later just before I have dinner and ultimately 2 hours after I had my dinner, but not the last. The last test that I have it is just before I am going to sleep in order to be sure that I am going sleeping with ‘in normal range’ BG. But as I have said, there are some occasional days when I can test even more, those occasions that I am also testing is if I am feeling somewhat ‘not right’ in any way or something like this, when I feel no as usual. And you know… if you ask me… this struggle of getting down to ‘in normal range’ BG numbers, that was a very long fight which was very hard as well, however in the end of it, to my opinion, it was very well worth it. at least that’s what I think.


    LarryTomph, hello there. not sure if this is going to be actually helpful to you but I would share my experience and opinion hoping that it would, in anyway. So, I am now on basal insulin, taking it once per day, and that insulin is called Toujeo 300 if you are going to be interested, as well as a bolus which is being called novarapid (guess you heard about it), I use novarapid 3 times per day (or before my 2 or 3 meals in that day).
    So, I am on TIER 3 for the bariatric surgery and I am currently awaiting for the decision that my clinic is going to make and announce me in a few days from the hospital. Of course I can’t say anything with certitude, however I am thinking that you are most likely going to get in half or so that hba1c by using the insulin. However you should know that for achieving this, it most likely is going to take you like 3 months or so, in fact, 3 months to me would be the soonest. And also, you’ve gotta know that you are going to have to come to the right forum in order to achieve that.
    Need to ask you… did your team told you that they will see you in 3 months time period? IMO you need to call your bariatric nurse and to get it from the horses mouth, not my guess work though… as for me I have to say that I personally have been pretty relieved to go on the insulin as there were no medications that have been actually working for me in doing a good job and I have to say that I was only eating ONLY GI carbs unknowingly spiking my BGs with too fruit and whole meal bread, brown rice as well as whole meal pasta too. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, and porriage as well. All of them are not working in my favour at all and having carb cravings to boot… insulin does work well for me and my needs, in fact I can gladly say that I do lose weight right now for my target weight. One thing I strongly recommend you is to listen to your diabetic nurse and you are soon going to be getting lower (I hope much lower) BGs than the one that you are now having. Also I’ve gotta ask you: how often are you testing your blood with a meter and also, have you been allowed free testing strips so far?
    Just in case you are in a hurry to get your BGs down for the OP, you’ve just got to focus on insulin in order to help you to do that. But remember that if you can, do walking, it is going to be very helpful. If you are even able to exercise then please, exercise as well, needless to say that it would be even more helpful, however I do know that many of us bariatric patients are just not able to do so for different reasons… whatever the case, even if you can’t exercise (again, if you can that’s amazing and don’t hesitate doing it), just keep on moving more and less sitting. Definitely going to be helpful.
    In the end, I am here, and Im going to try to help with anything that I can, in order to help you with the transition. You can always come back here with a question or write me privately if you feel more comfortable that way. support wise, however you always have to take the recommendation/ advice of your diabetic nurse and especially regarding the doses. It is obvious that you are going to get advice here too so I one try to help and I see other people who wants to help you out, however please, you should remember that you always should pass it by your team firstly! Remember that we can mostly support/ guess/ speculate, however they are your medical team and definitely not us. Hope you enjoy your stay on this forum 🙂


    Hello op, just want to say that I am on the exact same system. Pretty sure there are many people all over the world like us. I am talking about Novorapid bolus and Lantus basal. It does takes quite a little bit of time in order to get used to the injections, however you should not be worried as it is going to get easier with time. you need to remember to carry that something like for example jellybeans or the glucose tablets when you are being active in order to avoid hypos as it is exactly as important. You’ve gotta be regular with everything. Most importantly, just do not let it worry you too much because stress influences it. just keep on mind that it surely will get easier over some time, don’t worry. Also I think that it is important to remember to keep track of your glucose levels and to avoid hypos, as I said a bit earlier. Just in case, you need to keep a supply of glucose tablets with your when you are being active (which is very welcome to be active) and also to keep up your water intake because it is also very important. Also try to keep a track (write it down on a paper or something) of your bgls and especially of any too high or too low readings. Try to understand what triggered the ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ reading and keep track of it. in the end, as it was said by someone else up there, we are all with you here, hoping that you are going to get better. Good luck!


    hello there everyone and a big thanks to each one of you for showing concern and trying to help, I do really appreciate it all and I already found, seemingly, helpful information and advices which I will surely take the advantage of applying what I can. I am now hoping to use this insulin path in order to get me back on track and then to get back on the road to the bariatric bypass surgery.
    As anyone else would, I really want to get all these things done and right as soon as it is possible and I would do everything I need, or everything I can to achieve it as quickly….
    And also I have to say that I really fell in love with this community thanks to you guys, you really seem to be very nice and caring and that means a lot to me, which is why I am hoping that I would become an active member, maybe over the next weeks and months. And yeah, by the way, I just have had my first 2 injections not a while back. Gotta say that it was painless enough, to my surprise, LOL. thanks again for everything.
    PS: just remember as I only wanted to ask you a quick question here. When I should do a blood test after using the Novorapid after tea?


    Well, I can’t speak of everyone and I can’t say anything with certitude, but from as much as I know, I think that most of the people are using the NovoRapid BEFORE their tea, and then test 2 hours later after their first eating. Tho, again, not sure if that’s the correct way.


    Thank you very much for your response, I am going to get the hang of it…
    Also maybe would search the web for another opinion but still thanks!


    Larry hello, from as much as I can understand, you are new on the forum so I won’t miss the chance of saying welcome to the forum. Will try to help you as I have quite a bit of experience with insulin since I have been on the insulin since mid of 2010 or so. Again, from as much as I can understand (from your posts) you have been put by your doctors on basal (long acting) as well as bolus (which is short acting) insulins. As you, I’m also on this regimen as well….. I am on lantus for basal and I am on apidra for bolus. The only thing that I would need to say (as I think that you really need to know it) is that you need to find out your correct basal dosage by testing it out. there is a very good link online which would help you, most likely would, so I strongly recommend you to look at it. on the salforddiabetscare site there’s an article which is entitled: ‘Testing Basal Rates’ search for it and read it and learn to carb count as well as to understand your insulin carb ratio too (there’s an free course I did, the site is bertieonline org uk. Really have big hopes this is going to help you, it should help you. You need to keep a hypo kit somewhere handy (near) on you at all the times, it is very important, that’s because I have found from experience I have had more hypos on insulin, so you don’t want to be there without a hypo kit handy. It does sounds to me like when you get the help that you need you could even be able to come off from the insulin and that’s, obviously, going to be amazing! try your best to reach it because as I said, it sounds like you stand some chances. As for me, unfortunately, I am not in that position… however some people who are type 2s out there are, that’s in case they are still going to have their own insulin production (but I personally am thinking that you most likely would and I think like this because you have not been diagnosed for a very long time, that talks about it). not sure if this would be helpful but I hope so, come back with updates whenever you would have some. Wishing you all the best and once again, welcome on hghreviewer 🙂


    Ive been put on the insulin and using it for the most of that time that I have been diagnosed with the diabetes and to be honest, I personally had absolutely no issues with it in all this time and the insulin is taking the effect straight away, obviously it does depends on your starting dose that is going to be low, however when they do take the doses a bit higher then I am pretty sure that you are going to find that you are going to be just fine which means that your symptoms are going to be nearly all nearly completely gone which therefore means you are not going to use the toilet as much anymore (because I know how annoying this thing can be), and also your eyes are going to go back to normal state without that buried vision that you are going to get (and I know how annoying it can be as well), but at least this is only for a few weeks and after that you are going to come back to normal, also you are going to find that when you are injecting the insulin in you, you are going to find where you are going to be able to do it and also when you are not going to be able to do so with the odd nerve that is being pinched, however the plus (positive thing) is that you then will be able to finally figure it out as you are going a long time. of course people are different, reacting differently and so on, however I still think that you are going to benefit out of it pretty much as I have benefited and I did benefitted pretty much and I have also found out the best places to inject too (which you will find and learn in time as well) and also when it is the best time of NOT to do so that I do not get any lump there. I have to say that I have been using it from the very first day when I have been diagnosed with it and I am currently having my own way of doing it now by the way I feel that it is going to be helpful personally for me and not by those ways of how the hospital wants me to do it all or any of those nurses as I just see them when I need to see them or in case I am having some types of problems with anything. But now, as I said, I do it on my own as I have my own doses if I do need to take it up or to take it down and to write it down and place it in a phone app for the meter now. you might do it the same but that’s over some time when you are going to learn it all. but you will, just give it sometimes and you surely will learn it all and so it is going to get easier bcuz is obvious that the first time is most stressful and so on but it does gets easier.

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