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    Hey there everyone, I was not sure where it is the proper place to post this thing so I hope this is the best place. so, as the title says, how do you people remain hidden while paying for stuff? I just wanted to know how to remain hidden and as much as I know, pretty much the only way to do so is with bitcoin, is this true? Well, I can see that coinbase is tracking 4 hops, so is it as simple as transferring to a fifth wallet? But, doing this, as much as I can guess – does makes you be hidden, however all the fees are killing. If you are doing this method, how do you afford all the fees? Or there are other methods I don’t know about? Gotta confess that I have not started with the cryptocurrency so far, however I only wanted to order some raws from PPL and as much as I have seen, this is all that they are taking.


    Well, this pretty much depends on you and how crazy you wish to get with all of it.
    In the end, why do you need to remain hidden when you only want to get some raws? If crypto is all they accept, simply transfer the crypto and they send your stuff, what’s the point remaining hidden? If you do not have some other plans. Anyway, I know that there are a lot of guys who are only transferring it to the darkwallet, after that they transfer it to some other wallet and only then they’re transferring to the source which makes it hidden.
    But anyway, I’ve got to say that I’m quite sure that there are people who refused to have all these headaches and simply went straight from their original wallet transferring to the source, as I have earlier mentioned.


    You want to know how to remain hidden? Well, there’s one very simple answer – you simply can’t! there’s nearly no way you can remain hidden in the digital world. All that stuff is plain bullsh*t. this is because bitcoin is actually leaving a bigger digital trace compared to cash or to WU/MG and that’s a plain fact!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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