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    A while ago, my girlfriend has decided that she wants to try HGH and that’s after I have told her about all my experiences that I have with them and all the research that I’ve done and so on and so forth. so, a little bit of background info just to make you understand what’s up. I’m 37 yo, she’s 38 yo but we’re surely much more of a young acting, thinking and (hopefully) looking couple.

    Now, pretty much based on the research that I have done for women, it does sound to be safe to start out at approximately a dose of like 1 IU and maybe to move up a little bit (after like a few months of being on it) to maximum 2 IUs. However the problem is that I have found some articles out there which are claiming that doing it can pretty much fxxk up your hormones quite a lot and that’s why it does seems that you need to take some extra precautions if planning to go with them.

    But anyhow, my main questions right now are: are here any women (or maybe your girlfriends, wives or whoever) who is using it today?! It is obvious that I would really like to discuss about this and ask you whether do they see any benefits? what are the doses that you (or your woman) is taking? And is there anything to be concerned about, especially in the hormonal balance?

    And yeah, one more thing here, please… due to the fact that we are not living together… reconstituting 10 IUs with Bac water does seem to have a 7 day shelf life… is 10 days safe or should the dosage be a little bit higher in order to get to that 7 days mark of shelf life? anything in this matter would be appreciated! Thank you a lot!


    So well hi there. I am pretty much able to share with you some personal experience… my wife is currently 50 years old and she has started HGH quite some months ago now (in fact, she’s been on it for nearly one year now)… during at that point in time she has been experiencing pre menopausal symptoms which includes really bad symptoms such as absolute zero libido, insomnia, severe hot flashes, completely irregular periods as well as often vaginal dryness and many many other things, in short, absolutely everything by the book when a women goes through this period.
    Before she has ever used the HGH, she has taken the *hormone panel for women* and when she got her results the igf 1 has been 160 and her estrogen has been within the normal range. And so, she has started to take the HGH and have started to take the 2 IU dosage being her first and the last dosage that she has ever been on because she never took less or more than 2 IU since then. however, there’s something very important that you need to know here – at this point in time, she has already cleaned her diet to extreme (in fact, we’ve both done this at this time, but now I’m talking about my wife). And so, her diet was very clean and she has been on 2 IU dosage ever since and here is the list of results that she has got after 12+ months of being on this regimen:
    She has lost 50 Lbs, her body fat was also measured before and after running the HGH and it has went down from 30% to as low as 21% which is a huge difference, she didn’t had any hot flashes at all after they stopped appearing to her (the hot flashes started to slowly diminish until the 4th month of being on this regimen – the point where they have completely disappeared), plus at the same time period comes on the clock, her sleep is also a lot much better while it used to be not really good at all in the past. Plus to that, before all of this, her cholesterol has been measured which has been high in the past, but then her cholesterol has been within the good range. The only problem is that her libido has been pretty low and it didn’t seem to get restored.

    She has then ran a *menopausal hormonal panel* and even though her estrogen levels have been within the normal range, the progesterone has been non detectable. With this being said, there has been no way to actually say for sure if the HGH has been the actual cause or not. So well, whatever the case, she has went on bio identical progesterone cream and around one month or so later (not very much time passed) her libido has already been restored back again which was amazing, and even though her libido, of course, wasn’t as it used to be in our 20s, it has been good enough for me to be happy a couple of days in a week which felt amazing and most importantly – enough for me too because although I do feel great and feel younger the age I am – I’m still not in my 20s.
    That’s pretty much it, and I really hope that this is going to help you understand it all a little bit. With all of this, I am not trying to say that this is a solution to all women problems or to all women in general, however I think that most women could benefit.


    Oh wow, those are really nice results indeed. And I do understand that you have mentioned the fact that you’ve cleaned your diets very much and that’s why I realize that it is not only the HGH itself, of course, since there are a lot of factors to play there. In fact, a good diet, in my opinion, can help with a lot of things and everyone will most likely see results only from extreme dieting, but HGH just intensifies them in my opinion. Anyhow, that’s really nice to see those result like the ones you’ve mentioned and that’s even if it is only a contributing factor. Thanks for taking your time writing all of that, I really appreciate.


    Hi there, I just wanted to confirm something in regards to this:
    [quote] reconstituting 10 IUs with Bac water does seem to have a 7 day shelf life… [/quote]

    I might be wrong but from as much as I have read (and I’ve always read this) but it is 21 days. if there’s somebody who has more experience, please chime in with advices as I’m really interested in finding out the correct answer. Thanks in advance.


    Oh well, to be honest here… I don’t actually believe in this question (shelf life) is relevant. What I’m trying to say is… if *normal* dosage it is 2 IU and blacktops are 15 IU then one vial is going to last 7 days, 10 IU vial would only last 5 days…
    And now, getting onto the HGH part… once again, this is only my personal opinion and nothing scientifically proven or anything, simply my PERSONAL opinion, but I think that what is really f**king up with the hormonal balance in the *elderly* folks it is the presence of the unnatural chemicals that is found in our food and that’s especially the estrogen acting ones. And in except of the problem with the *feminization* of the male population in the last few generations, the chemical additives are being flat out destroying the endocrine system. Someone’s body is only capable of fighting for only a period of time and then it gives up as our bodies can fight forever, of course, and the older we get, of course, the less it can fight back.
    In fact, to be honest, I personally am thinking that the HGH is being overrated to some extent, and from time to time. What I’m trying to say is that my hair that has been turned gray are not returning back to its original colors and that’s even though we’re both being on the HGH for more than a year (approximately, we have 15 months being on it) and nor my wife’s gray hair is returning back to its normal color. So to be honest, it is not so *magical* as some people think or speak of it. in addition to that, it has not touched my wife’s libido at all even though she has been on 2 IU per day, as I said, for more than a year. Her libido remained exactly the same as it used to be prior running HGH. what I’m trying to say is that indeed HGH is helpful to some extent (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be taking it) but it is not a *magic* stuff or anything. It is true that our friends and family members are always telling us that we’re both looking younger (but then again, let’s not forget we’ve both started an extreme clean diet which would definitely help looking younger without HGH either). And yes, I do know that without statins our cholesterol it is low 5 or 6 points below the maximum of the reference range but then again, cleaning out the diet is also helping a lot in reducing the cholesterol level, even though before that it has bene high.
    HGH is indeed helpful but it shouldn’t be run alone without doing anything else and except amazing results. HGH it is only one element of the journey to balancing the whole endo system in my opinion, I do agree that this is indeed a very important element, however it is definitely not a miracle or, as I said, a magic element, as many people think of it. The blood testing it is a must in my opinion (preaching to the choir here), but the goal is being a different one… the anti aging one versus pushing up to the limits.
    Anyway, in the end, whatever the HGH is and in whatever way it helps other people, I have absolutely no regrets that I’ve found it and started running it because, as I said, I definitely feel much more better now than I did without it. with the added diet 🙂


    Therage hello there. in regards to your original post/ question I would say that you definitely need to find out a baseline igf 1 level for your girlfriend. In case she’s currently already within the good levels or they are higher for 38 years old as you said she’s now (106-368 ng/ mL) then you should know that there is absolutely no need to add the 1 IU or especially the 2 IU… or at least that’s my opinion only and I’m not a professional. Anyhow, this most likely, will only keep her at some good levels. So go find out what is her baseline igf 1 levels, or you already know it?

    Also wanted to say something in regards to the following statement even though I’m not a professional, as I said earlier:

    I might be wrong but from as much as I have read (and I’ve always read this) but it is 21 days. if there’s somebody who has more experience, please chime in with advices as I’m really interested in finding out the correct answer. Thanks in advance.

    Well, Saizen and Sero’s state store up to 14 days, however to be honest, I one believe that 21 days it is still safe and even more than that, I think that probably 30 days would still be safe. But that’s only my non professional opinion based on what I researched. But I might need to look it up once again.


    so yeah, exactly as it has been mentioned here earlier by the previous poster… I also think the same. And I personally find it ironic the fact that people are not rushing to use the statins (which are being known to lower the cholesterol levels, of course) only due to this advertised effect. Or man is jumping on the AI due to the fact that it lowers the aromatase without having the need to do it. or maybe a 20 years old girl who is running the estrogen and is thinking something as *oh well, this is a female hormone, what could go wrong? I most likely am going to benefit from running it*.
    So with all of this being said, why then the HGH needs to be any different at all? But once again, it all depends on the goal that you’re having and reason or you’re running it at all, isn’t it true? There are bodybuilders who are using it (and PED too) for their, obvious reasons – enhanced physical performance. Furthermore experienced (and/ or responsible one) they are heavily investing in the blood tests which is obvious that they do it in order to monitor and to control the outcome of it all.
    The anti aging (or simply only general health benefits) purpose it is in no way any different at all. testosterone, AI, HGH and so on and so forth. the administration for whatever the reason must be done in an controlled way with an absolutely scientific and professional approach in my opinion, otherwise the risks are going to greatly overweight the potential benefits that you’re looking for. Everything you put in your body should be done with caution and that’s especially when you put such things as HGH, AI and testosterone etc.


    Hey there man, I just wanted to share something in regards to a part you’ve mentioned a little bit earlier:

    With this being said, there has been no way to actually say for sure if the HGH has been the actual cause or not. So well, whatever the case, she has went on bio identical progesterone cream and around one month or so later (not very much time passed) her libido has already been restored back again which was amazing, and even though her libido, of course, wasn’t as it used to be in our 20s, it has been good enough for me to be happy a couple of days in a week which felt amazing and most importantly – enough for me too because although I do feel great and feel younger the age I am – I’m still not in my 20s.

    In this case, just have her take a shot of test… you might be surprised but the libido is going to come back and is going to come back really fast.


    I’m sorry Fighad, but reading your post I simply couldn’t abstain myself and not to say this:
    To be honest, this is what gives the online communities like this one those *black eyes* from many people and what is making them be *a little bit* illegitimate. There’s no wonder why there are people again such forums and to be honest, they are again only because such advises like the one you’ve mentioned earlier. I doubt that you know but there are many lives that have been ruined from such kind of advises like the one you’ve said up there because non professional people actually listen to them and without researching they actually do what’s *advised*. I’m not trying to say that you’re a bad person, or that you’re trying to kill someone, you definitely are not because I can see that you’re indeed concerned about my wife and about my sexual life and i honestly appreciate that, however I definitely think that we shouldn’t be playing in the *doctor’s game* because as I said earlier, this might ruin people’s lives. Let me explain all of it.
    While there are indeed some studies that have proven the fact that women can benefit from administrating a small dose of testosterone when it all comes down to the libido and sex drive, a true medical professional who shows a little bit of care and in my opinion, should be at least somehow responsible, would firstly, surely, evaluate the entire broad spectrum of possible reasons while would weigh the risk and the benefits of one treatment versus another.
    Once again, i don’t have anything against you and that’s nothing personal as I do think that you’ve tried to help me (and plus to that, I personally would never in my life blindly follow any advice from any anonymous source like here) but I do really think that you are completely wrong on there. and it is not your statement per se, however it is actually the fact that this advice has been offered without knowing the background (and for this reason there are medical history and doctors carefully checking them, or that SHOULD carefully check them). Well, I am going to try to be explicit and make my point here.
    As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, she has had *advanced female hormone panel* due to the fact that back then we have been trying to find out the possible hormonal misbalance. With this being said, her total testosterone level has been checked too and you know what were the result in regards to her total testosterone level? It has been twice as much as the top level of the range! I might show you her result as I have a scan of it in my computer. The free T has been just in the middle.
    However, in the same time, from the results we’ve got we’ve noticed that the progesterone/ E2 ratio has been anywhere like 4.3: 1 while it should be anywhere around 200:1 on the day that the blood has been drawn because it has been the 25th day after the beginning of the monthly period).
    We’ve ruled out the cause, or we think so, which means that the low progesterone my wife had was (or it mostly likely was) because of the ovarian cysts that my wife is having. Those are being known to lead to increased testosterone production in the time they are stopping the progesterone production – exactly as my wife had. Her cysts are already being scheduled to be removed in 3 months and we’re going to see what effect it would have and how it would all go, but what I’m trying to say is that in case there is going to be someone to follow your advice it is going to be absolutely no different from something as a doctor advising something like: *here is a statin pill for you, you shouldn’t be worried about those 3 big macs that you’re eating a day, everything is fine with them, let’s just lower your cholesterol firstly, and then we’re going to see how it goes* and what I’m trying to say is that this is like dealing with the result and not the cause of the problem. People should stop eating those 3 big macs a day and if this won’t help then they should start taking pills, and surely not the other way around. Plus to that, giving my wife testosterone that has twice as much total testosterone as it should be then it definitely won’t be a good idea.
    I personally definitely don’t want to have a horny but completely crazy wife. Plus, such level of testosterone would definitely not make her feel fine.
    And then, what if I would actually listed to your advice? What would the testosterone shot have done if she would actually take it? definitely would raise T off the chart, more free T for T to E conversion (for those who don’t know, women do aromataze as well, you know) which in return is going to lead to even more E2 and that’s going to lower even more this *magic* ratio which, as I said earlier, is already too low. And by saying *ruining people’s lives* that’s what I was trying to say – giving her the testosterone shot would ruin her live even more.
    The low progesterone (which would have been in return being even lower if listening to your advice) is doing exactly this with the following effects: low libido, as well as insomnia and also a lot of other *bad things* as well going around. And so, after the consultation with her OBGYN, she has been put, as I said earlier, on the progesterone cream in attempt to bring back the *balance to the force* and that’s until the cysts are going to be removed and either things are going to get back to normal again or it is going to be ruled out as root cause and after that, we’re going back to drawing board. And yes, as I also mentioned this, this thing has really helped tremendously, however in her specific case! I am only using this example in order to give a *imagination* of how problems like the one I mentioned should be approached… with big care, tests and responsibility.
    Once again, all that I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t play the *doctor games* around here as I truly hate a lot when young (and that’s especially when young!) people are reading and are taking every single statement for granted!
    And lastly, please do not think that I tried to offend you as I didn’t tried to do so, and there’s nothing personal, I’m just trying to keep everyone on the safe side. Peace and good luck!

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