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    hi there everyone, I decided to make a thread that might be helpful for people who are searching for HCG and most specifically for HHCG (homeopathic HCG) because I do know that very often, people are searching for homeopathic methods more often and often. so, I am going to write here some things that you need to know about the homeopathic HCG (in short HHCG)… such things about what it is as well as how it is going to work for the HCG diet plan. also, there are such questions that you might want to know as: how to know if your hhcg grops are REAL:

    look, the Homeopathic HCG it is being available as Drops, as pellets as well as patches. you need to keep in mind that as any other thing, not every brand it is the same and not every brand is GOOD, and so, in order to identify genuine homeopathic HCG, you must be carefully searching for such kind of things as ‘hCG’ being listed in the ingredients as well as such numbers as the following: ‘3x, 6x, 12x, 20x, 30x’ written on the label. trust me you’re going to have good results but you must do it properly and this is why you must choose your brands very and very carefully, as many of them are claiming to be genuine hhcg (in fact, as anything else too), but, in fact, they are not. who would ever tell you that they fake products are fake? so if you want good results you WILL get them but you must be careful. there are sites I know but I won’t post here because of rules that are selling genuine homeopathic HCG.

    so, anyway, now… what it is homeopathy (and also how it is working with the HCG).
    just look. the homeopathic HCG it is maintaining the basic principle of the homeopathy in general which means: only ‘the absolute minimum dose’ should be employed and it is based upon the understanding that generally the stimulus of the medicine it is working from within the vitality and it is not being imposed from the outside! the only enough it is being administered to just start the healing and treatment process, which then carries on, being continued (driven) by its own internal healing mission again. I must say that the homeopathic medicine that are being given in the minimum doses, in the time that they do stimulate the body’s vital response, they still do not produce the terrible side effects that are being so so often the reason why the conventional treatment fails miserable. I’ve seen that very often people are comparing and thinking about homeopathic treatment as of treatment with no side effects, and I wouldn’t say that they are wrong. since people are getting more and more afraid of the horrible side effects that might appear from using any thing out there, people lately start to resort to homeopathic methods more and more often. including homeopathic HCG (HHCG).

    so now, homeopathics are being diluted by using 1 drop of a mother tincture (hcg) and putting it in 100 of drops of distilled water. now, as a result, this would be a 1x dilution than if you are taking 1 drops of that diluton it would be a 2x dilution and so on and so forth. this is being continued like that until there is no more molecule left of the mother tincture anymore. only when the ‘frequency’ or the essence of the solution still exists. our simeons program patches are including more than 15 frequencies and even including (the hcg) 6x, 12x, 30x as well as 60x, human chorionic gonadotropin; (amino acids) 3x, 6x, 12x as well as 30x (L arginine, L tyrosine, L Carnitine as well as L Ornithine). having that said, basically, the homeopathic drops are just ‘frequency’ and that it is how your body is utilizing them. so you can understand better.. they are working just on the exact same premise, however the only difference it is just the mode of delivery to the body and that’s it. you’ve gotta know that the drops as well as the pellets are being taken under the tongue more times in a day every day and so your body is going to receive the ‘frequency’ when it is being placed under the tongue (and therefore, obviously, the more they are being used then the greater the frequencies would be given to the body and the vice versa thing, less the fewer frequencies you are being given to your body).

    in short and as a conclusion to it (as most likely you have already understood it yourself), the HHCG products are containing just a very and very (VERY) low dose of the HCG. I know that there are bodybuilders who are using HCG products for achieving bodybuilding results. since HHCG comes in such tiny doses, I seriously doubt that you’re gonna see a bodybuilder using HHCG, but that’s why bodybuilders are at the biggest and highest risk: they are using a lot of it in order to achieve more results. hence the higher risk. but I still would say that you must go for the HHCG and that’s because there are some modern doctors who have discovered and have proven that the frequent low doses of a medicine are much more effective and much gentler than just one large dose. in short, besides the fact that HHCG give you less side effects, it is also believed that it is much more effective too, at least by some people, including me, of course. but anyway, the mechanism of how it is working it is believed to be directly related to the energy fields as well as the body’s natural health capabilities. as we all know it very well, we are all very different which means that we can respond very differently to same substance/ dosage.

    here are some facts about the homeopathic HCG for you that might be very useful (or at least they were for me when I just discovered them):
    1st) the protocol is exactly the same in regards to the traditional HCG diet as it is being outlined in the manuscript that you can find online being called pounds and inches. there is a lot of information about it.
    2) you are not able to test for the HCG hormone in the HHCG drops. that’s because it is not going to show on a pregnancy test and that’s just due to the fact that the amount it is simply too small for a store bough pregnancy test to detect it. as we all know, there must be a certain level of HCG for the test to detect it. when using homeopathic HCG, the level of this hormone is below the detection threshold.
    3) it is very important to know that you should never feel extreme hunger or to feel weak or anything in this matter in the time that you are using HHCG. this is very important. if you are feeling like that then get your dose up a bit, by approximately 5 drops per dose. after you’ve done it then just wait around a day and check if it is working. then just repeat again if it is being necessary. this will help.
    4) very important as well is to know that there are a lot of brands that require refrigeration, however there are other brands that do not require refrigeration. I personally use a brand that does not require refrigeration but you know… I still have noticed that mine is working better if I am refrigerating it. having that said, I recommend you people to refrigerate all of them and this way you’re gonna keep them working better.

    when talking about specifically HHCG and about the prescribed HCG people are very often searching for answers on what are the differences between them, between HHCG and Rx HCG. so, to sum them up, pretty much here are they: 1) you do not skip a day, 2) you do not stop at TOM and third you do not mix HHCG. it already is coming mixed and it is already ready to be used.

    next thing people find it hard to understand in regards to the homeopathic HCG is the dosage. I am going to try to explain it easier. if we talk about drops then it goes like this: most people start out at around 15 drops or so and they use it 3 times a day (a total of 45 drops a day) and that’s even though different brands of HCG may recommend their own dosage that it is being based on their own blend. but that’s again, depending on how you personally react that a specific stuff. their own blend works best for their own body. it doesn’t mean that it will or it will not work for you. I personally have ended up my first round at 35 drops 3 times per day (105 drops a day). but on my second round I dropped it down to 20 drops 3 times a day (80 drops a day). that’s in case of drops. if we talk about pellets… different brands are having different dosage protocols that is greatly depending on their blend. you must know that most of the HHCG formulas are requiring to take some several pellets being dissolved in the mouth, a few times per day. and now, lately, the patches. these ones are being applied to your body only once every 3 days. I saw that there are people who require specifically patches because of this low frequency of usages. as for the dosage, it is being adjusted accordingly by moving the patch around the body for either the increased or the decreased absorption. there are homeopathic hcg websites that are explaining more in regards to the specifics on the frequency. there you would read much more and much more USEFUL information.

    and now, one last thing here which I must say is: how to take homeopathic HCG drops:

    the drops kind of must be ‘activated’ before each dosage. this is like smacking the bottom of your bottle like 10 or 15 times with your palm. and yeah… one note here… be sure that this is not the same thing as shaking, many people used to think that there’s no difference and they were shaking it instead. so, here are some very important points here:
    you should NOT have any food or drink around 15 mins but preferably 30 minutes both before and after taking the drops. this would greatly help.
    it is also very important that you do wait the FULL wait time that it is being recommended on your bottle to be kept under the tongue… mine said that I must keep it 10 minutes so I did. you must do the same either.
    and also do wait another and additional 30 minutes or so before eating or drinking anything. in fact, I have even seen some people who are recommending not to even speak for like 15 minutes after taking your drops but I do know this seems to be kind of too much..
    also very important for you to know is that some string flavors and odors can work the other way around and deactivate the drops making them be ineffective. as an example I can say mint as well as coffee. I do know many people drink coffee but some people may have to stop drinking coffee in the time that they are using HHCG drops in order to make them be more effective. hope this would help.

    so now, one more last thing that I wanted to say here is: when you are transitioning from P2 to P3 then you are only have to go 48 hours on the vlcd (for those who don’t know, this means very low calorie diet) with no hhcg. please, if you do not understand what I am trying to say then you must read dr. Simeon’s article that I mentioned pounds and inches. you would be able to understand what I say much better. and then later, you are going to be able to gradually start increasing your calories. you’ve got to know that the homeopathic do not stay in your system as long as Rx grade. again, I really hope a lot that this is going to be helpful for someone out there and if you do have some questions for me, ask them here or privately and I am always ready and happy to respond. best wishes to y’all.


    well, thank you very much for this really really informative and useful post. although I am using HHCG for a while now and I did have searched for information about it online, I still have found some really useful information. I imagine that it must be SUPER informative for one who is a complete newbie on this. whichever the case, my bottle does not say absolutely anything about activating them and so thank you very much for this part as I never knew about it. I hope it would be helpful. btw, HHCG is really helpful indeed, I’ve lost 5.5 lbs in only 2 days!


    as soon as I have seen your post and immediately looked at my bottle… it doesn’t say to activate them either. never seen this recommended as well. only you recommended it. and since I’ve seen it recommended I did have tried this method to ‘activate them’ and so I can say that I have tried both ways now. you know… indeed, I did have lost slightly a bit more weight when I have been activating it during my 4 last rounds. so really big thanks for this advice. I mean, the difference was only a little bit. but a bit here and a bit there and the difference is big. I am currently on my round 5 now. plus to that, I also heard about refrigeration part. I mean, better keep it there even if it says that there is no need to do it. at least mine doesn’t say to keep it in refrigerator but I do anyway. not sure if it helps since I never done otherwise, but since I see it recommended by more people I guess that’s true.

    I can also say that if you are not being hungry at any time other than meal times then your dosage is just right and I think that you’ve got to continue it like that. I can see that the OP here has recommended people to start with a dosage of 15 drops taken 3 times per day. however, I still say that in case you are being happy with a lower dose then you can go for it without any problems. taking lower dosage doesn’t mean that it would work less/ worse especially for as long as you find it being useful. I honestly do believe that each person as well as each brand is being very different from one another and so you can start with the supplier’s recommendation and then to adjust based on how you are feeling. in case you are feeling queasy or something you feel that you’re not feeling well then lower your dose, you shouldn’t stay on a dosage that makes you feel not well. if you are feeling hungry then increase your dose. from as much as I know, most of the bottles are going to tell you the absolute minimum amount. at least my bottle is telling 10 drops 3 times a day only and it is a real thing, a real HHCG for sure (I know it because of the way it works – really made me lose pounds).

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