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Well, look, my honest response here is: if you’re looking to get the increased recovery and immunity I really do not think that all of this is going to be worth the time or the money that you’re putting in.

What’s I’m trying to say here is that with a too high level of igf 1 levels that you’re going to start watching out for the growth of a cancer tumor.
In addition to that, I have to warn you out that there is a study which has showed that there were some guys out there who has started to develop gyno which is believed that it is being caused by the high igf 1 levels. Plus to that, have to watch because the lethargy can be one of the side effects of GH and so, as much as you can guess, that’s pretty much some type of counter productiveness to your end of the goals that you’re having.

You said that you believe your immune system is being compromised from a viral infection but I’ve got to ask you… what kind of a viral infection is that? And that’s especially if a viral infection that the modern medicine is not being able to help?

Look, what I’m trying to say is that in case you’re only trying to boost your immunity then vitamin and mineral supplements indeed can do this for you. Just go look for zinc, magnesium, vitamin c, there are also some essential and different B vitamins such as b12, b6 and others. All of this can help you to boost your energy and immune system much better/ less risky and healthier as well as less expensive. But this is only my recommendation.