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Thank you so so much for this reply, I appreciate it a lot, trust me, your feedback is very much appreciated and if you have anything else to add, please do.

however if it were me then I personally would stick to the black tops for the generics. If you never tried them I recommend you do give them a try as I doubt you would be disappointed. That’s because for me personally, they have worked very well, although I doubt that that there might be someone who could say that they didn’t work for somebody.

about this… if you do not mind, please write me a private message indicating who is selling black tops out there, and good quality that you have used, of course. In short, someone who is selling them that you trust and I am going to run bloodwork on them as well.
by the way, I would also appreciate if you, or anyone else, could help me… have anybody out there tried pharm grade hgh and if so, what it is the IGF level with that, as I would be really interested in knowing such info.
And by the way, you have said that you would be angry, furious and sad if you would have get that results I’ve got, you have also mentioned that you were somewhat disappointed by those results you’ve got yourself with grey tops, with this being said, what levels would you be happy with?