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Hey there, I wanted to say this is really good for you for testing man. Got to say that I really do understand the ease that is coming with trying to get that deal that godt is offering.
But unfortunately, as much as you and everyone else can see from the results that you have posted (and as said, there are multiple of other results shared out there about godt), this product, unfortunately, is pretty inconsistent, very inconsistent to be more exact. To give you an example, I have been doing 6 iu of the grey tops and to be honest I do believe that I have got approximately 400 or so as much as I can remember and yet, I was still somewhat disappointed by these results. However I think that they could have been better but my dosages have been split in 3 times per day in 2 iu.
But honestly talking, if the results that you have got would have been mine then I would be really furious, sad and angry, on the money and time spent. I did have used this hgh and to be honest, when I have been running it, if my memory serves me right, I have been reconstituted it at approximately 12 to 15 iu or so and I have been running it thinking like this and yet, iw as still not happy at all with those results I’ve got.
I do know that he is also selling good products from time to time, but selling only good products sometimes definitely doesn’t sound right. I’ve got to say that this does not cut it when this is some sh*t only that you’re injecting into your body, this just doesn’t sound right.
I do know that everyone is different and so, different people have different preferable hgh ,however if it were me then I personally would stick to the black tops for the generics. If you never tried them I recommend you do give them a try as I doubt you would be disappointed. That’s because for me personally, they have worked very well, although I doubt that that there might be someone who could say that they didn’t work for somebody.
Once again, I do not want to say that they are perfect all around as they can indeed have some shitty batches too, nevertheless, this is the gamble that we’re going through with the generic GH, we all should understand this. I think that you need to try some different kits and you’ve got to keep on testing, in the end, be sure that you’re going to find that something which is going to work fine for you. There are a lot of brands, generics and suppliers out there, you wil find what you’re searching for.