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This is amazing, I’m extremely thankful to everyone as that’s exactly what I have been hoping to get from you guys, I was really hoping, and I have got, data and numbers in order to drive the results, and not emotions and (thoughts) as many others tend to share. Up to this moment, I am having absolutely no rebuttal to what everyone has said here and I do completely agree with the analysis that everybody has provided here. that’s really helpful so thanks a lot, to be honest, I would really appreciate if there would be other people to share their results, if you do have anything please write it here or even privately, reply here or in any other threads but let me know about it. I have started this thread hoping to get real data and results, not emotions and anything in this matter so thanks again. I just hope that everyone is going to stick with the results.
In the end, your words are very much appreciated and I would try to carefully listen to each one of you and your recommendations. With this being said, in case any of you guys are having any recommendations that I would be able to do for further test this thing, then please, write it down and let me know about it. again, thanks to all of you, I really do thank you all for all the contributions here as it all means a lot to me.