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Appreciating this information, that’s really really good to hear, your words are much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing this, I’ve now found this but I am already having one kit of godt240 on my way to my place as I was interested how it might work for me too. That’s why thanks for sharing this OP, but since I will get it, I would pull out my IGF bloods and I am going to let you guys know about the results that I’ve got, if there’s someone interested. by the way, I’ve got to mention here that I have done 2 IGF test on Godt240 in the past, and as much as it seemed, they contained 20 iu per vial.

I do think that you should be a person which is having different results posts and so it is pretty hard I think, to know what you’re getting. From as much as I have noticed, he indeed runs some decent deals from time to time and that’s even if it does sounds that it is a little bit under dosed, at least compared to the original/ much more expensive HGH.