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well, in the first place let me say thank you for taking the time writing that and posting the results that you’ve got out of using that. Every time that there is somebody who is contributing that is very helpful for everybody to my opinion as people might some helpful information.
Also, in regards to the test findings you said, I’m very sorry to say this but in fact, there’s nothing to be happy about. That’s because the increase in the IGF of 127 above your natural level while you are doing 6 iu of it every day, that’s definitely not a great result, in fact, that’s pretty low. I do know that this might sound great in the beginning, but it should be much higher.
You should also know that people’s age and their medical conditions etc. are also contributing to the responses of using it so your age and conditions might have played a role in the poor response, nevertheless I would say that you would most likely get closer to 3 ius per day compared to 6 ius per day. Your natural level which has been at only 129 it is in the normal range, however it is on the low end of the scale so obviously, that might be an indicator of a potential problem as well.
In case you have had a history of GH use with the IGF results for every run this would be an much more revealing data source as it is being related to your individual response that can be compared to this time. By saying this, you might try another thing (which is most likely considered a good stuff) and check the results with this stuff.