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Thanks guys, thank you so so much both of your for all your help, that’s indeed very helpful information for me and that’s the reason why I started this thread, I felt that I can get a lot of help here. this all helps a lot. I am going through a lot of pain as I’m having an 12 mm herniated disc in my lower back and as much as you can guess – that gives extremely big pains and obviously, I’m being given those medications in order to deal with the pain by lowering it. talking about it – the next month I’m having an epidural being planned. Obviously I really hope a lot that this is going to allow me to reduce the pains and most importantly, to shrink off the amount of the meds that I’m currently using.
I now think that I should add some more fats and definitely lots much more water to my diet, I guess I would do this and I would check if this method is going to help me, surely I hope it would. Got to mention here that generally, I am having a BM every day, at least 1 or maybe 2 days per day, that is why I am guessing that the constipation is being a result of P2 and also I guess, potentially, a lack of the aforementioned. And also as mentioned, I am having a glycerine suppository too and I am going to give it a try for the relief, hopefully it would work fine.
Then again, thanks a lot for all the help I’ve got here, just keep your fingers crossed for me please.