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By carefully checking what you’ve said up there and analyzing the list of what you are using, it does sounds to me as if you’re going through some kind of improved (significant) etc. inflammation.
I guess it is obvious that is the reason and the main source of your slow weight gain and also, obviously, the items that used to treat it. in addition to that, your saline may have included glucose too and that’s is basically corn syrup, so that induces weight gain as well, that’s obvious.
Of course, you can do a steak day, however you should keep in mind that the steroids you’re using may work against you too. I do hope that whatever has precipitated that treatment it is currently in the process of resolving for you. But yes, it does sounds to me as it is very highly likely that this weight gain you’re going through is because of all of that you’ve mentioned up there and that’s because this is definitely not a normal type of problems that have been encountered in P3. I would recommend you something that I would do myself – just try to eat normally and just let your body fight with it, as it would most likely handle this episode the way that it needs to. Once again, you might do the steak day as I said it earlier, if you wish, however just keep in mind that there are risks as the extra stress of a steak day you plan might make these things get worse at this point.
In case you’re going to increase the dose of the magnesium that you would take for the constipation issue that is going forward is indeed a good idea, however I think that there is simply no reason that you shouldn’t try for the instant relief from the enema or some kind of glycerine suppository right now. hopefully that’s going to be helpful for you and you would start losing weight again.