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In answering of your question

Could you please tell me where have you got your certainties from?

I can tell you that there are 3 factors to the natural release of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. The first one is the somatostatin which is the inhibitory hormone and this one is having a very big role and responsibility for the creation of the pulsation. The second hormone is the growth hormone which is release the hormone which it is the stimulatory hormone that is being responsible for the initiating growth hormone release and then there’s finally the third hormone, Growth Hormone that is releasing peptides and this is a modulating hormone and in essence this one is optimizing the balance between the *on* and the *off* periods of growth hormone.
Now, as I have earlier said, the saturation dose of all of those happen to be the ratio of 1 mcg per kg of the body weight. So, this is where you are going to hit the most and the maximum effectiveness while you’re going to get the minimal side effects because by dosing more, of course, you might get more effectiveness but obviously, more side effects like the increased cortisol and prolactin as well as the symptoms that you were describing such as head ache the face flush and everything else which seemed to have described in your original post. Plus to that, I also should mention here that after 100 mcg to 200 mcg then it is being estimated that there is less than a 50% of increase in the actual growth hormone benefits from the previous dosage and it is less than 25% from 200 mcg to 300 mcg and it has little to absolutely no benefit further from 300 to 400 mcg (obviously depending on each person).
In the end, the reason why these are only going to create one pulse only (and that’s even if one is depending on somatostatin) it is due to the fact that their half life is being anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to about like an hour, however they lose their growth hormone releasing benefits later after about half an hour to an hour or so due to the fact that your body has already released it’s own stores of GH. At this moment, your pituitary gland is going to need some more 2 and a half to like 3 hours in order to store up some more growth hormone in order to release before you are able to do another pulse that’s going to be effective.
So in the end, the moral of this whole story I have told is: just try to stick to the minimum effective dosage for a longer period of the time and after that your dose that it is 4x of the saturation dose and first of all this is going to cost you a quarter of the price which I guess is a very good news and secondly, you’re going to be getting some better results for the amount used (plus, chances you won’t get the side effects mentioned in your original post).
Just remember that all that we’re doing here, I mean this entire injecting sketchy shit that we are finding on the internet and these forums, it is all a marathon, as other people tend to think that this is only a sprint by the way they are acting, to my opinion. Pretty much as you have already noticed, as I guess, the only outcome of the whole stuff of over dosing on the peptides it is only to make your supplier richer and richer in the time that you’re getting some really bad headaches making you feeling like you dying with nearly no added benefits from doing it. hopefully you will find this being helpful.