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Did I mentioned that they are selling bunk peptides? I’ve never said that they are bunk, I just said that they are completely useless for me as they were doing nothing else than just to make me hungry. And I personally have never seen them to do anything for anybody else out there after all of the years of being around them. it is not the fact that everybody is using bunk peptides. And it is not the fact that it is not working for me personally only or that absolutely everyone is selling only bunk. What I want to say is that legit stuff doesn’t work for nearly anybody. To be honest, I even started thinking that when it has worked for me for the first time that was a placebo, and currently the success stories are pretty much the same – placebo effect in a lot of people’s heads as it was in mine.
But anyway, you’re now asking about the bunk IGF, well, in the end, people are trying to make money out of anybody and so they’re all selling something like bunk, without knowing it is bunk. Not sure how to explain this. what they are selling is not what we are after, that’s for sure, as that’s for sure not recombinant IGF! If there’s anyone else thinking otherwise I would, maybe, change my mind but I just tell you what I noticed from years of research and talking with people.