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That’s the exact answer that I expected I will get and as I said, I pretty much regret asking this.

But as I said, I thought the reasons are obvious – not getting fat by eating those carbs. I’ve always been paranoid of getting fat and that I WILL get fat by eating lots of them.

I’m tired explaining this to everybody so please try your best to understand me the best possible way… Carbs do NOT make you FAT! They never did and I have no idea why people got idea and where they’ve got this stupid theory!

So, I’m currently searching for recommendations and advises on what I need to add to my diet, to your opinion. Thanks!

So, once and forever, the answer to your question, as it was said from the first answer to your post – is extremely easy. Do you want to get bigger? Then eat more calories. Do you want to get smaller? Then eat less calories. That’s super easy.