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I remember that when the IGF Lr3 has appeared for the first time, I have got really curious and I have got 2 mg of it for approximately 150 USD if I remember it correctly, however what I do remember for sure is that the product has worked for sure, it worked like charm! But if my memory serves me right, this has been a long long time ago, like 10 or 11 years ago. This confirms the fact that there is indeed IGF Lr3 that works very good.
However, then around 2 years or so later I wanted to try it once again expecting to get same amazing results I got the first time and I got nothing. I obviously blamed the source and so I started to purchase it from many different sources and still nothing. I got it from lots of sources – sources that I used in the past and I know they sell legit stuff and yet – nothing! Now it is completely worthless!
I have then tried the GHRP and I have tried CJC. This is crazy stuff as it has made me eat everything I had in my house, my fridge was always empty. However, as much as I noticed it has absolutely no use and it is a complete waste of money… again, completely worthless! With all of this being said, I’m quite sure that I am never going to be wasting my money on the peptides once again so that’s what I would recommend to other people, unless you have lots of money and you want to check it yourself as a part of experiment.
I am currently using some MK677 right now and I’m currently like the third week into it and gotta say that it is pretty much the exact same useless crap that has no benefits. As all others that’s just another bullshit stuff that has very poor efficacy in case it has any efficacy at all.
So back to the beginning, there are useful things, but it seems there are no more. People got into money too much, trying to make as much as possible from people selling them useless stuff. With this being said, I would recommend everyone not to look further and simply stick to the basics if you’re wishing to get some results as they never let you down – they’re always working and that has been long proven. Go for AAS, GH and Slin.