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In fact, yeah, you are definitely right about that

I do know very well and I understand that there are some king of tests that are going to allow you check the GH levels, aren’t these those tests to see the IGF levels in your blood? However, to my opinion, it does seems like it is quite a big pain in the arse all of this – to go through all of the steps as obtaining, using and testing, but that might be only my opinion.

There are indeed a lot of testing in the testing section there. there are both labs test and bloods and yet, you still need to have trust in those people that are repeating others, believing in all the conspiracy theories out there and then to keep on repeating all of those theories as if it’s a fact, then other people do start believing that’s a fact!
But a fact remains that something which has been proven by science, by numbers obtained from lab tests, blood tests etc. and the fact here is that those testing has shown that there is actually legit IGF and legit human growth hormone in generic forms of them.
Please, do not get me wrong, I definitely do not want to say that all generics are good as I do understand that there are lots (maybe even majority) that are not – they are fake and useless, however there are still good stuff. And by getting it from good sources you can get good stuff!