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I definitely did have read somewhere else that GH it is being mostly faked either and I read that faking GH is widely practiced lately, but it is obvious that I’m talking about other than pharma grade that you can obtain in a legitimate way. From as much as I have heard, the GH secretagouges are being supposed to be much more cheaper to be made and a much better alternative as much as I know and that’s because of the release of the user’s own GH so it means people are having more GH by producing and releasing more GH on their own which sounds much healthier and a much better alternative all in all. However I’m not very sure to be honest, I’m regurgitating too…
I do know very well and I understand that there are some king of tests that are going to allow you check the GH levels, aren’t these those tests to see the IGF levels in your blood? However, to my opinion, it does seems like it is quite a big pain in the arse all of this – to go through all of the steps as obtaining, using and testing, but that might be only my opinion. But you know, if it is not paying bills and only vanity based.