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Yep, pretty much as it was mentioned earlier… you’ve just got to eat more for gaining weight and not struggling to at least keep your weight up. For getting a more specific and detailed answer then I can say that you can figure out how much you are currently eating and then simply increase it by 10% or so on the training days since I do understand why the so simple answer as *eating more* might not sound so good for you. But try this method and follow this method for like 2 weeks and then start evaluating, observing, noticing etc. and see if you’re doing it right or there’s still something to change. If you’re struggling *keeping your weight* and you only want this (no more gains) then look at the result. Are you putting on weight? Drop to 5%. Are you still struggling keeping it? bump another 10%. But my guessing would be that you’re trying to put on weight and if you’re going to put weight after the first 10% then I personally wouldn’t change that. However if the weight increase is going to stop then simply go up by another 10%! People are doing a lot of mistakes here trying to get mass, but I personally would much rather have a slow LBM gain than just a lot of weight – as many people tend to do. Indeed, weight can be something completely different, it is a largely irrelevant factor so keep this in consideration.