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Yep, I’ve got to agree with this and have to say that I think the exact same way.

In the end, I will stand by what I have said and I’m quite sure that you are nnot going to get any legit IGF from any peptide company out there.

but i’ve also got to admit that I would be super interested in seeing Increlex vials being reconstituted and sold by parts only. From as much as I know, the Increlex can be obtained at pharmacies for around 35,000 USD for 400 mg which makes it 10 vials x 4 ml at 10 mg /ml. in case it is being marked up 100% (some of it is going to pay for vials, labels)
so next we have that we’re running a dose of 50 mcg per day and dosing it during 30 days we have 1500 mcg and that’s how we get that we use 1.5 mg per month. Then, if we would get the following – 400 mg / 1.5 that would make it 266.66 kits to be resold for every 40 mg of Increlex. Then if calculating the cost – 40,000 USD / 266.66 that is going to make it 150 USD cost each of it (minus the labels, the vials and so on and so forth) that mark it up by 100% that would make it 300 USD retail price. That’s really affordable.