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In fact, I definitely wouldn’t agree with you, I’m talking about this

That’s just a big waste of money so all you can do is to avoid. You can, however, get Increlex to get it working, however this stuff is extremely expensive and it is extremely fragile. Increlex is something that by far not everybody can afford and by far not everybody can understand it and put it to good use. So unless you’re getting Increlex then you are not going to get any legit IGF of any type, trust me, simply avoid and don’t bother! All in all I would say that I personally would only use melanotan 2 – that’s the only type of peptide that I would ever use.

What I’m trying to say is that there is legit LR 3 that has been proven to be functional with lab testing so I wouldn’t actually say that there are absolutely none others helpful.
I’m quite sure that it is not increlex however it is certainly IGF and works everybody is used to say that there is not such a thing as generic HGH and simply because people tend to repeat again and again that shit they have heard from somewhere and keep telling this to other people.