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In fact, you need to know that absolutely all of the *research chemicals grade* or anything like *bodybuilding grade* LR3 is all only bunk so indeed, it is not worth saving your money on.
I‘ve got to agree with the fact that Increlex looks promising and that’s pretty much the only stuff that looks promising. The OTOH pharma Increlex is the only thing that I would say that it might be worth trying. The previous user is right on the fact that it is extremely expensive, but in the same time it is not as expensive. What I’m trying to say is that calculating the price of your dose of Increlex per day then it is not super expensive, however you need to purchase a whole pack which costs a lot. To make a little bit of clearance here… a single 4 ml vial is expensive but it lasts a lot. Now, the single 4 ml vial costs anywhere between 4k to 5k USD, however you’ve got to purchase the whole 10 vial pack and as you can calculate, that’s like 40k to 50k USD. If you do find, in absolute anyway, to purchase a single 4 ml vial for 4k – 5k USD please update here. So yeah, you’re either spending A LOT of money for Increlex, or you go near them.