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Well, you are asking for opinions about peptides and here’s my opinion: simply do not bother with the peptides and that’s it, there’s nothing else left to say. That’s just a big waste of money so all you can do is to avoid. You can, however, get Increlex to get it working, however this stuff is extremely expensive and it is extremely fragile. Increlex is something that by far not everybody can afford and by far not everybody can understand it and put it to good use. So unless you’re getting Increlex then you are not going to get any legit IGF of any type, trust me, simply avoid and don’t bother! All in all I would say that I personally would only use melanotan 2 – that’s the only type of peptide that I would ever use. Other than this, I would honestly recommend you to try saving your money as you could get a good/ better HGH which would be much helpful for you. But then again, that’s only my opinion and as said, you might get mixed information about this online.