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“’ve got to mention here that in fact, there are many of top pro people who are actually using Increlex and although the product is indeed expensive, I can say with certitude that it is definitely not really really more expensive than the real big pharma GH, to be honest. Let me give you an example:
People can get anywhere between 36-40 ml at the price of 10mg/ml for like anywhere between 30 to like 40,000 USD. You can easily check and confirm this by using the sites,, and other reliable sites. Based on this, we can easily see that it is going to be 400 m (40 ml x 10 mg/ml), supposing a 100 mcg (1/10th of a mg) is going to be the daily dose (and that’s considered to be a high dose as it can be even lower) then you’re going to get pretty much a 4,000 of daily dosages meaning you have enough of it to use in 4000 days! You do pay an extremely high price of 40,000 USD (or maybe even a little bit less), but you’re getting enough dosages for 4000 days and with this being said, you’re actually paying 10 USD per day and that’s, obviously 300 USD in a month. With this being said, do you think that 300 USD per month is indeed such an ultra high price? Compared to other gears you do pay a bit more, but only a little bit, and generally, I do not find it to be that expensive.
I’ve got to mention here that I do not really know, to be honest, if you are able to purchase only one of those 4 ml vials at a time for 4000 USD or so – obviously that’s going to be much better and worthwhile. That’s very good for 40 days at 100 mcg per ml or for 80 days at mcg/ml.
Then again, this is not that expensive to be honest and that’s surely worth to give it a try because although there are people who got bad results from it, there are those who got good results and as usual, I tend to think that those who suffered out of using it are those who used it carelessly. Anything used carelessly can bring damage.