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Well, look, I’m not looking to scare you out or anything, it is indeed true that different things are working in different ways for each person, however there are just some substances that simply are not worth it because most people find that product working the same. Let me just say this… the only people that you will most likely have feedback about this product is most likely from people on some AIDS forum with some people that are having muscle wasting disease. As it was earlier said – the risk factor here is extremely important to take in consideration. To say the least, the chances that you’re going to find an athlete (on forums) that has used it and especially helped him, are extremely small, that’s to say the least. I’m definitely not trying to scare you, as I said, in the end, I really don’t care what you’re going to do as I don’t even know you, however there are chances that I might help you at least a bit by warning you.