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I might be wrong, however I just think that as soon as you are going to find it then you’re going to re think again whether or not purchasing it when you’re going to hear the price of it. that’s because, as much as you can guess, it is really expensive. Just a while ago I was reading information about it and I have heard that it is that one of a few things that is even more expensive than GH, and there are few things more expensive than GH. As always, the black market pricing must be different, I’m pretty sure, however I’m not very sure if the black market’s price is cheaper as I’ve never tried to find such info, however I heard that getting it from a pharmacy would be around 50,000 only for a few vials and therefore, as I said, I’m pretty sure you would run away.
Gotta say that I’m not very sure how far a few vials would get you, or how they are being dosed as I’ve never tried Increlex myself, however when I have seen the price for it for the first time I thought there’s something wrong, but when I saw that this is indeed the price of it, my research has ended pretty much there.