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People often focus on bad things rather than positive things and people often don’t realize how good of a life then actually live. Just think about how you could have been living without legs and arms, how you could live being all paralyzed and all you could move is your head only, how about having cancer? Your kids or loved ones could be terminally ill… how you could be in prison for a crime that you did or maybe did not even commit… just think about how you could have lived in a country where war continues to go on day by day and your whole family and loved ones just died in a matter of seconds in a bombing zone and yet you simply do not have time to care due to the fact that you’re already slowly dying out, either because you’re starving or a million of other reasons.
Then, after thinking about millions of these examples just think that none of these things are happening, or at very least, not all of these things are happening. There are bad situations, I do agree, but just think that it always could have been a lot much worse, I’m quite sure. it could be so much worse that it defies comprehension. We’ve all got to stop whining, there are people living some much harder/ worse lives and yet they are living a much better live, only because that’s how they think and how they decide to live – they stopped whining – we’ve all got to stop doing it.