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Well, thanks but I really did not asked for your useless opinion. I was asking for help to people who can help, those who have useless things to say can stay out of this thread. And just for reference – doctors are being supposed to be more informed than the average gym rat but I often find this to be wrong. lots of doctors in most cases are ignorant and they know nothing *pretty much as you* as he was refusing to pull the estrogen which was something obvious that there’s something wrong and I had to beg him to pull them as, again, there was something obvious something is wrong. in fact, he’s such an ignorant doctor that has told me he won’t show anything and after that, he was trying to cover his arse up by saying that it was in range (while it was EXTREMELY high!). and thereafter, he asks for *second blood drawn* and sends me these fake results with no lab name, no numbers of what they mean, what is the normal range – nothing!
And after all of this, you’re still coming here telling me that I need to listen to whatever the doctor says and I’m most likely going to be fine – no I won’t be fine as this doctor is an idiot! How can such an educated doctor send me for an mri less than 2 months ago, the results were absolutely all fine (they checked my pituitary gland) and now he’s trying to make me go once again to the mri instead of trying to address the real problem – my extremely high estrogen levels. I definitely won’t listen to this idiot doctor and to whoever who’s such a quack idiot. People are often worshiping them without even questioning things only because they are doctors and often these have fatal consequences. Lots of doctors are stupid and when I realized this I started to question everything and since, I have caught them on lies!
So I’m going to say this again – if there’s nothing that you can contribute, please stay off this thread, I was not asking for useless posts.