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hey… you know, to be honest, your second thought does sounds to be legit and you know… regardless with whom I was speaking to about these situations (and I’ve discussed with a lot of people and I have read a lot of threads in regards to this) where people are getting their package seized and got the letter – absolutely everybody has got their package taken away and they have never got their items back. With this being said, chances that you would get your peptides back are nearly zero and that’s why there is no point in responding or going to the Post Office, or at least, personally, if I would be you – I definitely won’t go there or try doing anything. However, I also need to mention here that although I’ve discussed with so many people and I have read so many threads about packages seized – this is the first ever seizure that I’m hearing from the FDA so to be honest, I’m not even sure what should you do in such situation.