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So well, as I have said earlier in my post, the estrogen level has been 411 pg/ml which is higher than a woman’s estrogen. And as I said, I wanted to break down of my different estrogens (my endocrinologist has said to me that I have been in the range and I don’t really understand wtf?!). whatever the case, I have finally got the results. The doc had to draw the blood 2 times and that’s because, as they said, they have not taken enough for the first time (apparently, 2 vials that they have taken has not been enough). Whatever the case, what must be done must be done so I have went back to them and they have taken 2 vials more once again. And now I am getting this from my doctor – estradiol, serum 14. Estrone less than 10. and I mean – that’s all. This is not saying if it’s ng/dl or if it’s pg/ml or anything in this matter. I really can’t understand what’s wrong… in addition, he has not even listed what’s the total number this time.