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You know… you’ve got to remember that you will always be here long after all of those bad situations and bad things are coming and going. We can’t control the weather and from time to time the storm comes but you’ve got to remember – it always goes away. I can assume that the best thing you’ve got to do is to keep your head up and I do know there are situations that you do not have control over and to such situations you’ve just got to be like *fu*k it all*. They might be affecting you, they might be unpleasant, exactly as the storm, but there’s nothing you can do so *fu*k it all* and roll through as you know that you’ve done your best in that situation. In the end, I really hope that you’re alright, I hope that everything in well and don’t give up – bad situations are always coming in everybody’s lives, it is just the way you stand back up on your feet. I hope everything’s going to be alright and if I can help you with anything you can always write me privately or you could update here.