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Well, I’m only trying to help you out, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted at all. Unfortunately, I do not really have very much of information to start off, this is the reason why to guess is nearly all that I am able to do right now as you have not even posted the dosage of the testosterone that you were using, so how can I make statements here?
When was the last time that you have used another AAS besides the testosterone? What I’m trying to say is that there has been some other compound that it is affecting those blood results and this is something absolutely clear. You’ve got to say the full list and the dosages you were taking, otherwise I can’t help you. When have you had your bloods pulled out after the last pin? I mean, how many hours have passed after the last pin until you got the bloods drawn?
In the end, if you really need to get some help then you’ve got to post more information here, otherwise I doubt that there’s anyone who can help you.