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Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and experience as I really appreciate it all. But I’ve got to say here that, as much as it seems, I’ve got scammed. I have sent my money exactly a week ago in the morning and I have been said that I am going to get a shipped number (as I was promised that I would be able to track my package) and yet, I have not got anything. And it is not that I haven’t got my tracking number back then, I still haven’t gotten it nowadays and in addition to that, this source has completely cut off any contact with me and now there’s nobody who responds my messages. In short – I sent my money and now I get no response, no tracking, nothing! They were just waiting for me to send the money and as soon as I did – they just don’t respond.

So, I have lost 430 bucks for the kit but that’s a real shame to be honest as I would have ordered much of a bigger amount the next time if they would send it and it turned out to be legit. Scammers everywhere. I’m just happy that they didn’t sent me this order and could have scammed me the next time when I would have ordered a much bigger amount.

Obviously, I was promised a refund in case there’s something that goes wrong and yet, it seems I am not getting sent anything. I just wanted to say that you should be careful guys when it comes to scammers and online pharmas.