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Well, yep, I do give you my credits as it does sounds to be true. In the past I used to be running some kind of a generic red tops and I have been getting red welts myself so I do understand what are you talking about saying about the red welting. But you know, later I have discontinued to use the BAC water and I simply have replaced I with a sterile water and you know… the strangest thing happened as the red welting went away! It has stopped! That’s one super strange thing to my opinion as I did have used BAC water only in the past! But you know…. I still think that this greatly depends on each person’s body and that’s because I know a person (in person) who has been running the exact same batch of Reds with the exact same BAC water as I did and yet, he was not getting any red welts which is super strange to my opinion.

Lab works might be helpful, but the domestic lab works here are just very expensive! I’m currently having 3 different samples that I would really be interested in analyzing them and getting some lab results. But I guess I would have analyzer checking them as all 3 of them being analyzed would be less expensive than just a single domestic test, from as much as I have seen when it comes to their prices.