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I’ve been reading information about this Norvo for quite a good while as I know this product and been thinking to use it myself but from my observations, there are a lot of complaints from lots of people about this product in the last year or so. I see someone’s saying that this is a good price for this product. That’s by far not a good price! That’s an extremely high price to be paying for a generic HGH that it is not even proven to be real either… for that price I’m quite sure you stand much better chances to get much better products! Anyway, I did read a lot of good reviews about this thing either, but lots of people complaining too. Anyway, so far I don’t really have trust but if there would be somebody who could be able to post a HPLC on it proving me wrong then I am going to change my mind. And generally, to be honest, this source seems to be like a scamming source, I wouldn’t have trust in it to be honest. I am pretty interested in finding out how this would turn out so I would appreciate some updates.