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No I am sure that this was not a mistake, I’m talking about this:

Oh my god man… 2500 USD?!?! In a single transaction? What kind of deals was offered that you have decided to purchase that much? And that was the first transaction to the source? Have you ever done business with them? I mean, I doubt you’ve never done business with them and decided to send that much which means that you’ve previously got your orders from the source. Therefore I can think… maybe there was only a mistake? Anyway, I’m really sorry if you’ve lost that much and I hope you’re going to, somehow, get your refund.

It was a planned scam. And obviously it was not my first order. Many people used to order there. and I have decided to order that much as there were kits for extremely good prices (but nothing miraculously) by purchasing in bulk. I decided to purchase 25 kits at a time and get a very good discount. Yet everyone who ordered got scammed as he has taken a bunch of people’s money and run away. He has then posted a link saying that he got busted by the FBI! WTF?! That’s just so fake. He could take money but couldn’t send if he got busted? Being busted people are received their refunds back and lastly, how he posted the link?