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Well, what’s important to mention here is that everyone is able to purchase slin without a prescription and since everyone is able to purchase it without a problem I can think that this would be fine if we would discuss about it here explaining a few notes that are very important to know to my opinion. First off, yes, maybe that’s not a very good thing to say, but I assume that everyone who gives their interests already knows that you can literally simply walk into a pharmacy (even in the USA as well) and get it without a prescription. And yet, that’s not recommendable to do and with all of this being mentioned there is something that people should be warned about:
First off, indeed, it is one very and very dangerous substance that you shouldn’t even think about trying it out, regardless of how many and how good benefits you’ve heard about it. if you do, however, have ideas of trying it out, then you really need to do a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of research about this before you would actually do it. secondly, I don’t know you and I don’t know your age, but make sure that you are old enough as I heard of people who are not even in their 18’s and they already consider such things and that’s one huge mistake. To be honest, not being at least 25 I wouldn’t even think about this thing. A lot of people are considering insulin something like a *final step* in their performance enhancing, and many of those who think about it, don’t try it out due to its risks. All of which, to my opinion, is the right thing to do. Another thing is that pretty much like what I mentioned earlier, the use of insulin is recommended only for some very and very experienced users of steroids (experience of years!). and that’s especially since the best benefits of it are being received when using it all along with steroids, growth hormone and igf 1 – all of which can be dangerous if not used with proper knowledge. Lastly, assuming that you’re not going to be stupid enough to take the dosage that would kill you or simply using it carelessly enough to do some dangerous damage to your body, you are still able to put on some crazy amounts of fat in case you are not going to be careful enough using it and you slin.