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As much as you noticed, bodybuilders are searching/ discussing and using insulin and they do it for a good reason. The insulin is allowing the amino acids and the glucose to be pushed into the muscle cells and therefore, this is greatly stimulating the muscle protein synthesis at some higher doses. So as much as you can see, this is a great benefit for a bodybuilder. In addition to this, it may also increase the production of the testosterone by increasing the FSH and the LH numbers. In addition to this, there are also some other synergistic things with the hGH and with IGF-1. In the end, you should know that the insulin it is a very anabolic hormone.
However, there is always 2 sides of the coins so you should know that it has benefits, but it is also among one of the most dangerous substances to use and by using it people should be extremely careful. By using some improper dosages this could literally kill you so nobody should use it without proper knowledge. Due to the fact that we are not being allowed to talk about controlled substances on this board and generally on forums, I am not going to talk about the dosages or anything that it is being related to purchase this thing, however you should pay very big care if trying to do so and generally, it is advised not to do it beforehand.