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Yep, I did have used it as I have run it in the past and I know that I am going to be running it once again the future so, by saying this I guess it is obvious that I’m about to say the product is legit (in case you won’t get fakes if there are any) and is working well. I personally am getting mine from someone that I know in Van. To be honest, I am not very sure if I am going to have very much trust in it if it would come from an online store as I often hear that these stores are either selling you fakes or don’t send you anything at all.

Once again, as I said, I am not sure if there’s somebody who has already been knocking off this brand with their fakes, however, usually, when there’s a good brand out there, the fakes appear immediately so I think there are pretty good chances that there have already appeared fakes. Just make sure to get legit Norvo.